Rendering Skyscape Credit Skyscape

Rendering Spyscape Credit Spyscape

Explore amazing real-life spy stories and artifacts, sharpen your spy skills, and find out what kind of spy you’d be.

Welcome to the newest, most innovative, and most secretive Manhattan experiences, SPYSCAPE. This new espionage museum is located on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan and officially opens January 2018.

The overall experience within aims to teach guests the skills they need to survive in a 21st-century world. Your group will train to be spies, the exhibits and artifacts meant to educate, entertain, and teach you all how to sneak your way around our modern-day society. You will find interrogation booths, code-cracking stations, immersive surveillance experiences, and even a laser tunnel, plus many more activities that will put you in the shoes of some of our world's top espionage specialists. You will learn about, and act as, the team who cracked Enigma, the teenager who hacked the CIA, and the man who brought down the FBI's most wanted traitor.

If this all wasn't impressive enough, just wait until the very end where you will get to go through a professional profiling system that will determine whether you are best suited as an agent in the field or handler of said agent. This system was created by the former Head of Training a British Intelligence, so it's as close to the real thing as you'll get!


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If this museum interests you be sure to check out Washington D.C's International Spy Museum, as well as New York City's Museum of Jewish Heritage, the latter of which is hosting one of the most talked-about spy exhibits in the world currently.