Six Flags


Six Flags Boomerang roller coaster


Aptly named Missouri's Coaster Capital, Six Flags St. Louis has all of your scream-packed roller coaster thrills, Mr. Freeze chills, and waterpark spills in one must-stop destination. With quite literally something for everybody, Six Flags strives to be inclusive with kiddie park rides for the younger visitors, slow carnival classics for the nostalgics in all of us, and major thrill rides for the daredevils.

Thrill rides at Six Flags St. Louis take you on a wild adventure with classic wooden roller coasters like American Thunder to superhero, death-defying feats of gravity and technology such as in the case of the terrifically terrifying BATMAN. Go head to head with major comic book villains in Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, scream your heart out on the classic Screamin' Eagle or loop the loop on the major curlicue coaster, Ninja.

Families with slower tastes will enjoy rides suitable for mom, dad, and the kids like the Colossus Ferris wheel, the classic Grand Ole Carousel, the pendulum swing of The Joker, Inc., and much more. If you enjoy water rides, though, make sure you don't miss out on Hurricane Harbor, the park's very own and very exciting waterpark. Open only during the summer months, Hurricane Harbor pulls out all the stops on your favorite log flumes, wave pools, lazy rivers, and super slides for an amazingly thrilling and chilling summer fun stop.