Student Safety Tips from SYTA: Medical Attention While Traveling

When a Student Needs Medical Attention While Traveling

JUNE 21, 2018

Recently Michael Bowers, Student Travel Safety Consultant for the Center for Student Travel Safety, published an article with SYTA with important points on how to deal with a medical emergency during a student trip.

Bowers discussed the importance of staying calm and in control, and even broke down the timeline of events in such situations.

Here is a quick summary of Bowers' info:
  1. Decide if the situation is an emergency or not.
  2. Call EMS if it is an emergency.
  3. Contact the student's parents.
  4. Designate an adult to stay with the student during the entire process.
  5. Call parents regularly and update them on the situation.

Once the immediate emergency is taken care of, the group leader should check if the parents had travel insurance for the child, and decide whether or not it is necessary for the parent to come and stay with the child or if the child can rejoin the group.

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