Stumptown Roasters

coffee-984328_1920Stumptown Roasters was founded by coffee connoisseur Duane Swenson, a true pioneer in Portland coffee who has been innovating, revolutionizing, and refining the art of coffee brewing and tasting since before 1999. While there are four cafes total in Portland (as well as two roasteries and two tasting annexes) there are also two more in Seattle, two in New York, and one in Los Angeles. The owner, Mr. Swenson, is known for starting the "third wave of coffee movement," priding himself in personal relationships with farmers and brewers and making a name for himself in his pursuit for the best coffee. Swenson visits farms and pays high prices, sometimes two to three times the fair trade price, in order to keep the very best beans in his business.

The flagship cafe and roastery is located in Portland on Southeast 45th and Division, the premier location in Portland to find Stumptown’s best. Once here you will be able to taste, learn about, and shop for the best coffee and coffee making traditions available. See the most ancient ways of making coffee to the most technologically advanced ways, Chemex’ and Kalita Ware to French Press and Espresso. See how Dens Press, Bee House, Filtron, Hario V60, and the Vacuum Pot are used, and taste the difference in the fine beans among them all. Once here you will easily understand why this establishment/owner has received Roaster of the Year before, and you will even learn about the man behind the business’ charity work, including donating cargo bikes for cooperative coffee growers in Rwanda! Portland knows coffee, and Swenson knows Portland!