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America’s Best Water Park Rides

Summer is all about having fun with friends, enjoying the great outdoors, and good old fashioned R&R. Water parks are practically synonymous with summer so when you're thinking of a weekend away or a full-on vacation with family and friends, consider the best American water parks and their incredible, record-breaking rides, like these! Summit Plummet…
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Summer Fun at Magic Springs

If you happen to be in or around Hot Springs, Arkansas, the lush green mountain city well known and popular tourist (especially eco-tourism) destination, this summer you are in for a true treat. If you aren’t going to be around the area, we have a few really good reasons why you should reconsider, especially if…
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5 Best Theme Parks in the Midwest

Most people adore theme parks, which is why they gain so much attention and acclaim as the summer seasons roll by. There's nothing more fun than a warm early summer day with your friends, trying out all of the major rides or walking the park with a funnel cake in hand. The coastlines, however, get…
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