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Educational Trips: American Literature

We've had a couple of other blogs on the significance of American literary attractions, from Hemingway's home in Key West to Mark Twain's birthplace in Missouri, but none that fully captures the attractiveness of such places. Literature is a beautiful thing, and Americans have proven themselves equal to the prowess of the more practiced English…
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All About the Empire State Building

Once the tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building remains an impressive feat of engineering and art, and a symbol of New York's prosperity. Truly, it's named for New York's other nickname, the Empire State, and it's a perfect side trip attraction for exploring the city from above or learning about her historic…
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7 Wonders of Early American Architecture

Architecture is a unique expression of artistic imagination whilst remaining pragmatic, utilizing the space as a home, public place, commercial building, or a religious site of worship. Over the centuries, our lovely country has played host to all manner of architectural beauty. However, there's just too much in the way of amazing architecture to tackle…
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