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5 National Park Road Trips to Take This Year

Student groups, families, and solo travelers alike can all highly benefit from an extended journey through America's national parks, these excursions bringing you closer to nature and closer to America itself. Utilizing local campsites and carpooling/motor coach riding saves you tons of money in the travel world, not causing you to break the bank to…
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Top College Student Travel Tours

College can be stressful and just cause for a summer celebration. Whether you and your friends are looking to let loose with a party, or are looking for some regular good ole sightseeing, we've got just the right destinations for you. Check out these college student travel tours and imagine all the fun you guys…
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Ivy League Road Trips for High School Grads

Whether you are a soon-to-be graduated high school senior or an incoming freshman looking for some college goal motivation, we have the perfect Ivy League road trip for you! This road trip plan allows you to see many of New England’s finest schools, that is to say some of the finest schools in the country, period. Each campus…
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