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Band Trips: 7 Reasons Why They Are A Great Idea

Hey there! As a former band geek (and proud of it!), I want to take this opportunity to talk about why school bands should take trips. Band trips are a great way for students to learn, bond with their peers, and grow musically. Here are 7 reasons why schools should be taking band trips:  …
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The 3 Be’s of Basic Chaperoning

Are you planning on being a student chaperone during a group trip in the near future? Is this your first chaperoning experience? If so Adventure Student Travel has a few Be’s to help you be the best chaperone you can be! 1). Be Informed Be informed about your group. Know any and all medications needed…
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Ivy League Road Trips for High School Grads

Whether you are a soon-to-be graduated high school senior or an incoming freshman looking for some college goal motivation, we have the perfect Ivy League road trip for you! This road trip plan allows you to see many of New England’s finest schools, that is to say some of the finest schools in the country, period. Each campus…
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