Tennessee Performing Arts Center

microphone-764865_1280Located in the James K. Polk Cultural Center, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, or TPAC, is a Nashville cultural tradition, providing entertainment and economic stimulation since 1980. The James Polk Center takes up an entire city block between 5th and 6th and also houses the Tennessee State Museum, as well as the 18-story tower. TPAC’s goal is to lead with excellence in the performing arts and art education, and is actually one of the largest and most comprehensive education programs in the United States, serving 1.5 million students annually. The center also features several Broadway shows as well as private events. There are 3 resident performing arts organizations that call TPAC home, including the Nashville Ballet, Nashville Opera, and Nashville Repertory Theater.

Inside the performing arts center your group will get to tour the 4 different stages. The stages include the Andrew Jackson Hall, with 2,472 seats, James K. Polk Theater, with 1,075 seats, Andrew Johnson Hall, 256 seats, ad the War Memorial Auditorium, featuring 1,661 seats. The first season of TPAC saw 84,000 attendees, today it reaches capacity at 500,000 visitors seasonally. Oftentimes this venue gets rented out for school events, corporations, or private artist functions. Loretta Lynn, Reba Mcentire, Trisha Yearwood, and Randy Newman have all used TPAC for their own events, making this center a major local economic booster. Enjoy your tour of this popular cultural tradition, or even just enjoy a night of laughs and entertainment.