The 13 Most Haunted Tours in the U.S

Halloween is right around the corner, which means costume-clad trick or treaters will roam the streets, ghost stories will become the norm, and students will have many more unique and historical education opportunities (that's not what you expected, is it?).

Now that the season is turning scary teachers and students alike actually have a great amount more field trip opportunities than before, almost every major U.S landmark city owning their own unique ‘Haunted Tour’, educating guests all about the city’s war history, criminal history, and murder wrap sheet.

How else can you truly get to know a city’s past than with an after-hours walk around its storied streets? This is history with a twist, this is history your students will want to get into! Just choose your city, your theme, or your tour and we’ll go from there!


  • Salem Witch Walk  - Salem, Massachusetts
    What could be more spooky than learning the history of Salem’s very own residential witches than learning it from actual witches themselves? Not much, we’d say! On this Salem Witch Walk, you will be able to learn all about the 19 infamous witch deaths in 1692, get a witch's perspective on charms and spells, participate in a magic circle ritual in one of the most haunted graveyards in the United States, and even choose your very own blessed crystal. Talk about one authentic tour experience!
  • Ghost Tours of Harper's Ferry - D.C
    Welcome to one of the most haunted areas of the U.S, Harper's Ferry, the historic city presenting you with the absolute oldest ghost tour in America owning just over 40 years of experience in the D.C area today. Learn about the local Civil War Battles, tour the old soldier hospital where shrieks of pain are still fabled to be heard, and explore the site in Maryland Heights said to be the spot of the 1861 explosion that earned the name One Hundred Days Men.
  • Gunfighter and Ghost Tour - Tombstone, Arizona
    If you want another seriously authentic ghost tour then you need to head to the ghost town of Tombstone, Arizona. This, the site of the OK Corral Shootout, will show you all you need to know about the harrowing history of old western heroes and criminals, showing you Boot Hill Cemetery, 5th and Allen, and even the ‘most haunted place in America’, the local Birdcage Theater.
  • Ghosts of Gettysburg - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
    This spot is one of the bloodiest in history, a site in which American history comes to life right before your eyes with the Ghosts of Gettysburg Tour. Explore the very battlefields in which thousands of sightings of ‘soldiers’ have been recorded, plus get to know the most recent residents of Carlisle Street and all the local historic Civil War soldier hospitals set up around the city.
  • New Orleans Haunted History Ghost Tour - New Orleans, Louisiana
    If you know anything about the storied past of NOLA, then you know that it’s quite bloody. This area of the U.S has seen several infamous murderers, criminals, and ghosts, from Delphine LaLaurie to Pere Dagobert. Black magic, voodoo, and the haunted mansions along Royal Street within the French Quarter are all subjects that await you on this tour, not to mention the fact that you can say you went on one of the best-haunted tours in what many consider to be the most haunted city in the U.S.
  • Market Ghost Tour - Seattle, Washington
    Not many people know about how haunted the history of Seattle can be, especially when you are talking about the beloved, and very historical, Pikes Place Market. On this Seattle Market Ghost Tour, you will learn all about this site, once the city's first mortuary, the city’s brothel, and the site of a historic graveyard. Learn all about the ghost stories of Chief Seattle's Daughter, the Market Theater, and Kells Irish Bar said to be the most haunted pub in the U.S.
  • Ghosts of New York - New York City, New York
    New York isn’t just home to any regular ghost popular, it’s home to serious celebrity ghosts, from Edgar Allan Poe to Alexander Hamilton. With this highly popular tour, you will meet all the star-ghosts you can, exploring East Village (Poe and Houdini), Greenwich Village (Eleanor Roosevelt), Brooklyn Heights (Walt Whitman), and even Lower Manhattan (Kidd and Alexander Hamilton). This tour is ranked high on the Top 10 Haunted Tours in America list!
  • Haunted Boston - Boston, Massachusetts
    One of America’s most historic cities does not disappoint as far as haunted history goes, Boston, Massachusetts holding some of the country’s most haunted sites and stories. Get familiar with the stories of all the colonial hauntings here as you tour the various historical sites and graveyards throughout the city. See the famous King’s Chapel Burial Ground, the spot full of headstones from the 1800s, before heading over to the Boston Common to try to spot your own ghost.
  • Hearse Ghost Tours - Savannah, Georgia
    This haunted tour is one of our favorites simply because not only are you touring one of the most historically haunted cities in the country, but you are doing it by hearse, the most luxurious way to take in the ghosts and ghouls of Georgia. See the various stately and haunted houses within the historic district all from the comfort of your tour hearse, the route taking you by the infamous Pirates House (oldest in the city) and infamously slave-haunted Olde Pink House.
  • Ybor City Ghost Tour - Tampa Bay, Florida
    This state isn’t all sunshine and beaches, as you will learn with the entertaining Ybor City Ghost Tour. Here in Tampa, you will have the opportunity to learn all about the twisted city history surrounding Ybor as you tour the historic streets and buildings wielding an electromagnetic energy detector. Meet at King Corona Cigars and prepare yourselves for one exciting ghost tour!
  • Stanley Hotel Ghost and History Tour - Estes Park, Colorado
    Stephen King didn’t just pull The Shining out of nowhere, he actually took inspiration from Colorado infamous lodging, the Stanley Hotel. Within the walls of this well-known haunted historic spot, you can take a ghost and history tour and learn all about the ghosts said to roam this hall, room 217, and anything else that has ‘redrum’ written on it here!

  • Original Ghost Tours of Catalina Island - Catalina, California
    California is another one of those bright and bubbly states in which you don’t expect many bloody stories, though out on Catalina Island that’s just what you’ll get. This entire island, once known as the village of Avalon, was built on an ancient burial ground, giving it a long history of proposed hauntings. Oh, and you’ll want to learn all about one of the most infamous ghosts haunting the island, Via Casin’s Zane Gray before calling it a night!

  • Ghosts of Gatlinburg - Gatlinburg, Tennessee
    Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is absolutely full of unforgettable ghost stories, the entire smokey Mountain region providing guests and locals alike with seemingly endless mountain folklore. Take a one hour walk and learn all about the century-old murders, the entire tour complete with period-dressed guides and your very own EMF detector to carry around!

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