The Best Group Photo Posing Tips

In the age of the internet, capturing a great photo is so much more than just a scrapbook keepsake -- anyone from your grandma, your friends, your boss, your neighbor and beyond can see it once it's been posted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! While smartphones can be a great tool while you're on a student trip, if they're the only way you're able to take pictures, you need to make sure you're getting a great shot. We've come up with a few of our  best group photo posing tips and tricks so you can get a 'gram-worthy shot every time.

1. While your background will likely be a cool monument or scenic background from your trip, you should always make sure things like tree branches, garbage cans, litter and anything else unsightly doesn't sneak in, or else you could wind up with someone's head being covered by something you don't want in your photo.

2. Get everyone's head on a different level. If everyone is standing in one big line, your photo is going to look a little odd, so spice it up! Have a few people squat, some on the stairs, get up on a bench -- really, anything you can do to have some heads higher than others.

3. Get creative - but not TOO weird! Because the internet lets photos live on forever, usually without your control, don't do any group poses that you'll regret later. We're thinking along the lines of Awkward Family Photos -- don't be weird. But on that note, do get creative! Our next few tips are ideas for exactly how to pose your student groups.

4. One classic pose is laying in the grass in a circle, on your backs, with all heads facing inward. We love the look and whimsical feel of these photos, especially if you find yourself in a big park or field! The only issue is finding a place to stand above, so try finding a spot with a bench or stoop nearby, so you can really nail the shot.

5. A perspective-shot can also make a great keepsake from your student trip. To accomplish one of these, have some of the students towards the front (maybe take turns so no one feels left out), and position others closely behind them, where their heads can still be seen. Then, whoever takes the photo will need to kneel or sit down, and shoot upwards at a bit of an angle. The end product will look awesome!

6. Another pose we find students particular love is easy -- just jump! Getting a great shot midair is fun, creative, and very cute. Make sure the students aren't just jumping straight up in the air, but have some jump to the side, hands outstretched, legs bent up -- be spontaneous! You're sure to get plenty of "likes" on that shot.

7. The "line-up" shot can be really fun for smaller groups, and gives everyone a chance to have fun making a silly face, or just shining their best smile! In this shot, have everyone stand in a straight line behind each other, and then have each student lean to the side so their head is showing behind the person in front of them. It won't work perfectly for a large group, but for 4-5 people it can turn out great.

8. Finally, if you're feeling brave, try a small pyramid shot! If you're students are a bit older, they'll be able to do this safely and quickly. Simply have the stronger kids on the bottom row, and build up a couple rows to the top! We recommend not going any higher than three rows, for safety, but if you can pull this off, you'll have a great photo that your student group will be thrilled to hold on to for years to come.