The Best Months for Field Trips

Deciding when to take your students on a field trip can be a challenge, we know this all too well. For instance, it can be difficult to raise enough money before booking a fall field trip, and the spring can be over-crowded and fairly expensive.

Research shows that some of the best times to fly, and travel in general, can be during the holiday season and directly after.

Due to the boost in travel from those visiting family in November and December, the airports tend to be slower in the first two weeks of December. This is also true for the second week of January.

Where the temperatures and conditions may keep people from traveling in the winter,  you can use them as a tool for planning the perfect trip. For example, consider Minnesota or Colorado for a truly cool winter getaway that is both affordable and conveniently less crowded. You may not think of a cold destination in the winter at first, but it is truly more attainable price-wise!

From January 7th till spring break you can also find some great rates, as long as you avoid late February and don't mind thicker crowds toward the week leading up to spring break. Early March, for instance, is the perfect pre-spring break period within that time frame to get out and about with your students.

You will have a good 4-5 month period to fundraise, better availability on major attractions, and fair weather conditions.

During this time we suggest states along the East Coast, the beach line not yet crowded but the weather warming up nicely. Try Virginia Beach or NYC in March!


  • Early December and mid-January are great travel times crowd and price-wise.
  • Consider wintry locations during the winter, you will honestly get the best deals.
  • Early March is great travel time for better weather and attraction availability.
  • Hit the coast while you can before Spring Break!

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