The Mary Kay Museum

The Mary Kay Museum in Dallas is a tribute to Mary Kay Ash, one of the most successful business women of her time. Your student group will find a rich and fascinating history as they take a walk through the facility, by visiting the Museum Theater and listening to motivational speeches given by Mary Kay Ash whose legacy continues to inspire women for generations, and much more. The self-guided tour includes exhibits on the history of the Mary Kay corporation, on Mary Kay Ash herself, and the impact she made on the world of business. Experience it from the beginning, when Mary Kay was founded in 1963, starting out as Beauty by Mary Kay in Dallas. Travel through the decades as you see a multitude of artifacts and collectibles, the evolution of makeup and marketing, the financial history, and the life history of Mary Kay Ash. Come visit this fascinating location and learn more about the woman who has helped millions of women all over the country.

After a morning of touring, your group might want to stop by the Mary Kay Restaurant where you can sample featured food items including fresh salad, sandwiches, a variety of other entrees, and delicious gourmet desserts.