The Wren’s Nest

The Wren’s Nest

Welcome to The Wren's Nest, or as it is more formally known, the Joel Chandler Harris House.

This Victorian/ Queen Anne-style farmhouse was built around 1870, serving as home to Uncle Remus author Joel Chandler Harris from 1881 to 1908. The home sits on David Abernathy Blvd and takes up 3 acres total. It is called 'The Wren's Nest' because it is said that a wren did in fact nest in the home's mailbox for some years.

At The Wren's Nest you can learn about the heritage of African American folklore through storytelling and tours, this house-turned-museum one of the best literary educational resources in the area. Learn all about Joel Chandler Harris, a popular 20th-century writer, and his biggest work, Uncle Remus: Folklore of the Old Plantation. Is this book an example of racial stereotypes, or is it a far more insightful guide of sorts to the Old South social code?

Your group can enjoy a walk-in tour during the weekend (open 10 am to 3 pm), or set up a special field trip tour during the week by reservation. You may also want to come during a storytelling session, which happens each Saturday at 1 pm or by reservation. Listen to professional storytellers such as Akbar Imhotep or Curtis Richardson tell tall tales, folktales, scary stories, inspirational tales, biographies, or original stories!


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