Theme Tours: Theater

If your student group loves to act, sing, dance, and twirl on the big stage, a theater tour may be the perfect getaway. From Shakespeare to Broadway classics, our theater tours take your group on a journey to delve deeper into their true passion in the spotlight.

Most groups, for obvious reasons, choose New York City for their theater destination. In the Big Apple, your student group will have the opportunity to see several Broadway plays, along with attending a student Broadway Workshop. At the workshop, your group can choose one focus or explore a variety of creative endeavors from singing, dancing, acting, and even technical skills like costuming, lighting, set design and much more. Let a Broadway professional help your group expand their creativity!

Along the way, your group can enjoy many other NYC attractions such as Macy's Herald Square, Rockefeller Center, Times Square after dark, Central Park, a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many more.

No matter how your group spends their time in the Big Apple, they're sure to return with a newly focused passion for the beautiful art of theater.