Things to do in Pennsylvania: Make the Most of Your Trip

Are you a teacher, looking for exciting and educational activities to do in Pennsylvania? Or are you just someone wondering just exactly what are some things to do in Pennsylvania? Whether it’s your first visit or you are planning a field trip with your class, there is so much to discover while exploring PA.

From outdoor adventures like hiking and water sports on Raystown Lake to culturally significant historical sites like Gettysburg National Military Park and Penn's Cave, the Keystone State offers an abundance of experiences that will capture the imagination of any traveler.

In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite things to do in Pennsylvania—all designed with teachers and students in mind! Get ready for an unforgettable journey full of learning opportunities, stunning views, and endless memories!


Visit Hershey Park for a fun day out with the family

things to do in pennsylvania

Hershey Park, located in the picturesque city of Hershey, Pennsylvania, is a great place for school groups to spend the day. As one of America’s most popular theme parks, it offers plenty of thrilling rides such as the fabled wood coaster Lightning Racer and other exciting attractions perfect for all ages.

Looking for more laidback fun? Experience a viewing tour through Chocolate World where you can learn about the history of chocolate and even design your own candy bar! There are also several dining options available so families can enjoy anything from a light snack to an all-out feast.

Hershey Park offers something special with its delightful combination of excitement and relaxation – making it an ideal destination for any school group looking to make some memories!


Go camping in the Allegheny National Forest

The Allegheny National Forest, located in Pennsylvania, offers a great camping experience for school groups. With hundreds of miles of pristine hiking trails, students can explore the natural beauty of the area while learning about ecology and wildlife. There are also numerous opportunities to enjoy the water, including nearby streams and lakes that are perfect for fishing or swimming. Furthermore, Pennslyvania's state parks offer a variety of unique outdoor activities such as rock climbing and biking.

With numerous camping options available – ranging from rustic backcountry sites to full-service campgrounds – school groups will find something that fits their needs and budget. With unforgettable scenery, an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, and an abundance of local attractions, camping in the Allegheny National Forest is sure to be an adventure that your students will never forget!


Take a road trip to Gettysburg and learn about the history of the battle

For educational groups looking for an exciting experience together, embark on a road trip to Gettysburg. Not only will you take in the stunning natural beauty of Pennsylvania’s rolling hills and farmland, but you’ll also come away with a greater understanding of America's history.

At the site of the pivotal battle during the Civil War, students can explore sites such as Cemetery Ridge and Little Round Top as they immerse themselves in the story of brave soldiers who risked it all for a cause.

From historical re-enactments to visiting monuments dedicated to fallen troops, there's no shortage of interesting activities to try while exploring Gettysburg.


Explore the breathtaking views of Ohiopyle State Park

Nestled in the foothills of the Laurel Mountains is Ohiopyle State Park, one of the most remarkable places to explore in Pennsylvania. School groups should jump at the chance to visit, as they will be able to experience some of the state’s greatest views and outdoor locations.

The park includes over 21,000 acres of breathtaking landscape, including whitewater rapids, majestic waterfalls and rustic trails that lead to unique panoramas. Groups can even take advantage of Ohiopyle's exceptional activities like biking, river rafting, hiking or rock climbing for an adrenaline-filled adventure.

No matter what you decide to do here, the views are sure to be spectacular!


Discover wildlife in The Poconos Mountains


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For school groups looking to explore outdoor adventures, The Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania offer an incredible array of wildlife to discover. Enjoy a hike around Lake Harmony or take part in a bird watching tour for glimpses of soaring bald eagles, blue jays, and cardinals, or spot some wildlife on the hunt such as white-tailed deer and black bears.

With plenty of educational opportunities available along with stunning vistas, a trip to the stunning Poconos is sure to bring educational opportunities and spectacular memories that will last a lifetime.


Hike through Valley Forge National Historical Park

Pennsylvania is home to some of the most iconic American historical sites, and a great way for school groups to explore them is by taking a hike through Valley Forge National Historical Park. An autumn stroll along the park's trails will bring students face-to-face with significant Revolutionary War sites such as Washington's Headquarters, the Muhlenberg Brigade Huts, and century-old buildings and monuments that guard the town's rich history.

With so much to see and learn, an outing to Valley Forge promises an educational journey through breathtakingly beautiful grounds that offer insight into America's revolutionary past.


It is time to plan your school group’s trip to Pennsylvania! Packed with historical and outdoor fun, your students are sure to have a blast. Whether you take a road trip to Gettysburg or explore the breathtaking views in Ohiopyle State Park, doing any of these activities with a school group provides kids with experiences that they can share and talk about long after the trip has ended. Plan a day at Hershey Park if you want to indulge in some classic family fun or spend an entire weekend camping in the Allegheny National Forest. Visit The Poconos Mountains for a wildlife experience the students will never forget or hike through Valley Forge National Historical Park and learn more about American History.

When making plans, be sure to contact Adventure Student Travel -- they can help make it easier for you and provide an unforgettable trip for everyone in your school group!