Top 11 Sights to See in Jacksonville

Out of this world culinary experiences, unbelievably intriguing attractions, and world-class museums strewn across the city, that is what you will find when you visit Jacksonville, Florida. This Sunshine State hotspot is known not only for its seemingly abundant historical landmarks but also for it’s modern vibrant culture!

A visit to Jacksonville can be a bit overwhelming while deciding exactly what you want to do, and what you want to see. That’s why we’re here, to fill you in on the Top 11 Sights to See while here, 11 of the most exciting, historic, culturally stunning, or just plain ol’ fun spots we could find in the city.

Explore the ample parks and waterways, discover a new landmark you didn’t know was there, and just relax as you soak in all the spectacular sights!


  1. Friendship Fountain
    Head to the west end of the Southbank Riverwalk to see one of the city’s most popular attractions, the romantic and peaceful Friendship Fountain. First built in 1941, this fountain actually claimed the title of the ‘World's Largest’ for some years!
  2. Little Talbot Island State Park
    Miles of unimpeded beach, forest, salt marshes, and dunes await you at Little Talbot Island, a well-loved secluded barrier island holding a diverse range of wildlife and plenty of popular hiking trails.
  3. Kingsley Plantation
    The oldest plantation still in existence in Florida is this one, Kingsley Plantation, located just ½ mile North of St. Johns River Ferry Landing and run by the U.S NPS. Guided tours will show you the main quarters, gardens, and over 25 old slave cabins/ruins.
  4. Cummer Museum
    One of Florida’s favorite art museums’, host of one of the absolute best art collections in the Southeast, is here at Cummer’s, a museum boasting over 6,000 works of art spanning from 2100 BC to today. Enjoy European and American paintings, manicured gardens dating back to 1903, and the majestic Cummer Oak, one of the oldest trees in the city.
  5. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
    Over 2,000 animals and 1,000 exotic plant species make up this award-winning zoological facility, highly popular for its unique walking safari and scenic views at the mouth of the Trout River. See jaguars, giraffes, and local Savanna Blooms all around the park.
  6. Fort Caroline
    This historic hotspot is a National Memorial located within the boundaries of the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Reserve, considered to be the first French colony in the United States (1564).
  7. Big Talbot Island State Park
    What makes Big Talbot Island State Park so different than Little Talbot? This one is much more remote, and much more so filled with tangled piles of driftwood, creating a popular and scenic ‘driftwood forest’.
  8. Jacksonville Landing
    The Jacksonville Landing may be the most highly visited attraction in the whole city, this busy spot providing all the best in eating, shopping, entertaining, and people watching. Fortune 500 skyscrapers, unending nightlife, and a gorgeous scenic riverwalk await!
  9. Riverside and Avondale
    The National Register of Historic Places considers this district to be one of the most important in the city, this community holding 2 of the city’s absolute oldest suburbs, the area today full of history, culture, and fine culinary delights.
  10. Fort George Island Cultural State Park
    Fort George Island Cultural State Park was built in 1928 as a popular local winter resort, though it was first established in 1736 as a fort to protect the colony. You can choose to hike, fish, mountain bike, or boat your way around these historical grounds!
  11. The MOSH
    The MOSH, or the Museum of Science and Industry of Jacksonville, is one of the most fun places to explore and learn in Jacksonville for any ages. Enjoy a myriad of hands-on activities about natural science or history, as well as the onsite 60ft planetarium!