Top 5 Travel Apps for this Summer

1. Gogobot

- Places users in "tribes"

- Uses tribes to detect travel style

- Recommends restaurants, activities, and lodging

- Connects easily to major booking sites for quick reservations

- Newly redesigned

2. Locish

- Stray away from "one-size-fits-all" recommendations

- Asks you preference questions when signing up

- Allows users to ask each other questions

- Tailors recommendations based on your preferences

 3. Nara

- The ultimate time-saver

- "uses computational neuroscience to analyze the structure of the web and personalize information based on each individual traveler's preferences" according to CEO Tom Copeman

- Makes recommendations based on your past likes and dislikes

4. Conde Nast Traveler's Gold List

- Collects all recommendations listed in the Conde Nast award-winning magazine

- Good for posh locations and travelers

- Features recommendations from prominent travel figures

- Updated by travel's top tastemakers

5.  JetPac City Guides

- Built around Instagram

- Takes information based on photos

- Lists information based on who is posting, such as "students," "elderly," "LGBT," and many other categories