Top Summer Getaways for Girl Scouts

Travel experiences do very well to bring out the important values of the Girl Scouts program as one that promotes character, outdoor activities, good citizenship, and service to others. Whether you are a new blossoming daisy or a highly seasoned ambassador, travel and vacations are always an incredible opportunity. The Girl Scouts of America are seeped in integral and interesting history and culture, each and every individual troop unique in their own way but upholding the same values across the country. When a troop travels, they immerse themselves into a world of learning and developing, a Girl Scout activity especially enjoyable in the summertime!

There are several traveling spots across the U.S. that are almost essential to Girl Scout groups, and also several that may not be necessarily common, but are of the utmost interest to the group as a whole!

Essential Girl Scout Spots:

  • National Headquarters and Museum - New York City 
    This iconic Girl Scout spot in central New York City is the perfect spot to visit this summer with your troop, the entire headquarters serving also as a museum! Learn all about the history and development of the Girl Scouts by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912, see the uniform evolution since the beginning, and learn about the original trefoil patent. This experience will "illuminate and inspire guests with exhibits, sensory involvement, and meaningful insights." Not to mention you’ll also see the sights of midtown Manhattan from the 17th-floor office!
    Eat at: Snaks at Saks Fifth Avenue 
  • Juliette Gordon Low Historic District - Savannah, GA
    Explore the three-building historic district honoring the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low. This spectacular district along Oglethorpe Avenue provides several daily tours of the restored Regency-style house. See the Wayne-Gordon House, First Girl Scout Headquarters (carriage house), and Andrew Low House! There is a gift shop on-site, as well as endless history and culture lessons. This is the best way to "perpetuate the spirit of Girl Scouts, provide learning opportunities, and further the Girl Scout values"!
    Eat at: The Olde Pinke House (Historic Hauntings and delicious foods.)
  • White House - Washington D.C
    This is always a popular destination for Girl Scout troops across the country simply because it is the best way to learn all about our government, history, and more. Here in D.C. troops can visit the White House and engender presidential aspirations, or perhaps spend the day exploring the nearby Smithsonian museums, an absolutely amazing way to get your girls to learn while having fun!
    Eat at: Ben’s Chili Bowl (President Obama stops here all the time!)

Great Getaway Spots:

  • National Parks
    Being outdoors is a big part of being a Girl Scout, as is regular exposure to and appreciation of nature. This essential character-building activity allows your troop to really understand the importance of our land, learn about geographic/geological diversity, and get active in some of the most beautiful spots in the country!
    We Suggest: Adirondacks - NY or the Great Smoky Mountains - TN
  • Museums
    This one is a no-brainer for your troop, whether you visit a locally-hyped fan favorite or travel across the country to see something very new, a museum getaway is a great way to give your girls a summer break, let them see something they haven’t before, and learn new things all along the way.
    We Suggest: Space Camp - Huntsville, AL or Exploratorium - CA
  • Aquariums, Zoos, and Botanical Gardens
    All of these options are excellent to teach another great scout character-building skill or two: preservation and conservation. By visiting any local, statewide, or nationwide wildlife learning facility or natural environment you are teaching your girls the importance of diversity of wildlife, conservation of the environment, and preservation of natural habitats.
    We Suggest: Shedd Aquarium - IL or STL Botanical Gardens - MO
  • Theme Park or Beach
    This option is all about entertainment without compromise, great fun summer activity options we know your troops will love, and that you will also be able to get some sort of positive learning experience or character building. Take your group to your local theme park and make a fun science lesson or reward them with an active day soaking up the sun and sand at the beach.
    We Suggest: Cocoa Beach/Space Coast - FL or Silver Dollar City - MO