Trapnall Hall

Built in 1843, this historic and stunningly gorgeous Greek Revival style home draws in plenty of architecture lovers from far and wide. Trapnall Hall sits on 10 lush landscaped acres and is known tenderly as one of the most beautiful antebellum homes in Arkansas. This location makes the ideal setting for business meetings, luncheons, weddings, receptions, celebrations, reunions, and parties of all sorts and can hold up to 225 guests comfortably at one time. This house was above all, first the home of Frederick and Martha Trapnall, who designed it to be one of the only brick houses in Little Rock, and the state in general, at the time. Trapnall Hall has always stood out as a brick beauty among stone and wood homes.

Trapnall is located on the National Register of Historic Places and has been since 1973. It is located near the exciting River Market District as well as many eateries, making it a quiet convenient location for a vacation stop. While the Junior League used to use this property, which sits alongside the Quapaw edge, as a headquarter space, it is mainly a wedding hall today. Weddings are typically held in the North Parlor, Front Porch, or Back Garden, and receptions are held in the Central Hall with the Jeffersonian Portico, an elegant setting and exhibition space. Be sure to bring your camera and enjoy this gorgeous stop in Little Rock!