Travel Feature Friday with Michelle: Upward Bound Trips

Many schools across the nation are getting their students involved in their local Upward Bound Program, a federally-funded TRIO program that works to assist those particular qualifying high school students in creating the proper skills and mental motivation necessary for success in college and their future careers. This program has helped countless students over the past decade get into the college they desire, with weekday tutoring, summer incentive programs and reward trips, and summer sessions and live-in programs at local community college or university campuses.

Our staff vlogger Michelle is talking all about Upward Bound trips this week, offering our viewers several different exciting trip options for your hard-working group. Whether you are looking for a fun reward trip during the summer, a weekday educational field trip, or a meaningful travel experience in general, we've got all the best tips, tools, and transportation to make it happen! 

So Upward Bound groups, are you ready to let Adventure Student Travel help you book your next big trip to our top locations such as Williamsburg, Tampa Bay, New York City, Chicago, or Miami? Let's go!

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