Travel Feature Friday with Michelle: World of Coca Cola

This fabulously famous soft drink enterprise opened its history up to the public in 2007 with a state of the art entertainingly historical museum, the World of Coca-Cola! The museum complex, over its massive 20-acre space, showcases the history of the company, the evolution of the Coca-Cola brand and product, but don't expect to get the recipe- that's still under lock and key!

Get ready for an unforgettable vacation at the World of Coca-Cola, one of Atlanta's top attractions! This fizzy fun spot displays the history of one of the most successful beverage industries in the world and allows guests to have fun while doing it! See what Michelle has to say about in this week's Friday Feature! 

Book your own trip to the soda mogul in Atlanta today, then stay tuned for our next Travel Friday Feature with Michelle!

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