Treehouse Museum

Treehouse Museum

Step Into a Story

Welcome to Ogden's Elizabeth Stewart Treehouse Museum, a reading-oriented children's museum aimed toward ages 1-12.

This fun and interactive learning center features an iconic main attraction which is, as you may have already guessed, a large tree in the center of the building. This tree is 30 feet tall, over 65 feet wide with branches reaching out 30 feet. It holds roughly 70,000 leaves and serves as the centerpiece to the nearly 30,000 square feet of exhibit space within the museum.

The exhibits within were 'carefully designed and built for imaginative play and for retelling favorite stories'. They are meant to intrigue, inspire, and engage children in imaginative play.

Research shows that children who pretend play are more likely to have richer language use, are better able to take different perspectives, can persist with challenging activities, can exercise divergent and flexible thinking, can focus for longer periods of time, and can regulate their own behaviors more easily.

Throughout the 2-story museum, you will find the following exhibits to be explored, plus much more!

  • Weber County Safety Station
  • Science Circus
  • Independent Press
  • Art Garden
  • Oval Office
  • Simmons Storybook Theater
  • Rodeo Arena
  • Treehouse Train
  • Germany, Mongolia, Kenya, Mexico, and more.


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