Trinity Church (Manhattan)

Notable for its historic location, incredible eye-catching spires and steeples, and beautiful decor, Manhattan's Trinity Church has been a local landmark for centuries. Located near the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street, this stunning church operates under the Episcopal Diocese of New York though its first construction was chartered by King William III.

The history of Trinity Church lends back centuries to pre-Revolutionary America when tensions were high. Faith, however, has always been something to unify individuals, offering something greater and more worthwhile for which to strive. The first Trinity Church was built in 1698 and was part of many historical happenings, finally destroyed in the Great New York City Fire of 1776. The current Trinity Church is the third construction of the same name, finished in 1846. Its spire was the highest point in New York until 1890 when it was surpassed by the New York World Building.

Trinity Church continues to grow as an active parish center, its congregation continuing to practice faithfully in this most beautiful of churches. There are services every day of the week for those interested in worshiping in the historic building. The church also welcomes those of all faiths to explore the history and religion of the Episcopal Church, discover the extent and histories of the Trinity Church campus around Manhattan, and tour the buildings and grounds. St. Paul's Chapel, George Washington's home church, is located nearby and is also part of the Trinity Church campus and offers tours on request.