Utah State Capitol

A Neoclassical and Corinthian massive construction overlooking the great Salt Lake City, the Utah State Capitol has stood since its building in 1912 as a testament to the American government. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, the State Capitol has been restored to its original glorified state as the beautiful work of artistic architecture that she is. Come by the house center for the state government of Utah for a free educational tour with your student group.

One of the most beautiful Capitol Hill complexes in the United States, in 2004-2008 the Utah State Capitol underwent one of the most rigorous historical restoration programs ever tackled in the country. Not only is it visually beautiful with the Greek columns and original artwork but, when you stop to consider the historical value, it stands as a beacon for political beauty and a triumph of the American Constitution.

Open daily, the Utah State Capitol welcomes visitors to tour its grounds and interior. Student groups especially will appreciate the number of educational plaques, exhibits, artwork, memorials and monuments running throughout the complex. Find your group learning about the settling of Salt Lake City, exploring the corridors and gorgeous architecture of its interior, and observing the House and Senate making history.