Warner Bros. Studio

Hollywood is the city built from the silver screen and is a movie-lover’s paradise. If you are one such movie lover, take a tour of the studio that brought you The Dark Knight, the Harry Potter saga, and American Sniper. Warner Brothers Studio is a Hollywood icon that beckons you and your group to explore, experience, and discover the magic of movies.

Take the two hour VIP Tour and be led by an informative and entertaining guide through the streets and sets of your favorite movies whilst comfortably riding in an electric cart. Travel through the prop and costume departments to see the clothes and set decorations that TV and movie stars wear on the air to make the characters come to life. Filming is always ongoing at Warner Brothers Studio so no two tours are the same and you never know who you might see walking to set. Visit the only studio museum, Warner Brothers Museum, to see a unique collection of movie and studio memorabilia including scripts, sets, and more.

If you still find yourself wanting more from Warner Brothers Studio, take the Deluxe Tour, a five hour extravaganza of information and interaction with the movie business. See Batman’s original costumes or the Picture Car Vault which is designed to look like the bat cave. Visit a working production set and go through the prop house at your leisure. Have lunch at the Commissary Fine Dining Room where you may have a chance to eat with a star. Eat with Cass Warner, the granddaughter of the company’s original president and co-founder Harry Warner, while she illuminates the studio’s history and fame.

As the electric carts for these tours is limited to 12 seats, groups of at least 24 may request special tours with walking options. Tours may be customized to fit group needs.