Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt

I loved your witty questions and racing through the museum. I can’t think of a better way to bring people together and have fun. -Jeff Bezos, founder & CEO, Amazon.com

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts are some of the most fun experiences for student groups in several major cities, NYC to KC, but today, of course, we are focused on HOUSTON.

In Houston your group will have several different options of hunts to take, some depending on age, interest level, and weather at the time of your visit. Each challenge will lead you around a major Houston attraction and ask you to complete various team tasks, puzzles, codes, photos, and much more. 'Your tasks may involve strange uses for food, new lyrics for old songs, people in uniform, strangers wearing valuable words, surprising secrets about local landmarks, and more.'

Here are some options to expect:

  • Grab 'N' Go Houston Hunt
  • Mystery Message Challenge
  • Random Act of Kindness Hunt
  • Murder Mystery Mayhem
  • Wizards and Witches Hunt

There are also options for international students for whom English isn't their primary language, as well as younger children!

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