Pizza baking in the ovenWhile on this side of the bridge, your group will delight in the opportunity to stop at the must-see must-taste attraction called Grimaldi’s. This ingenious restaurant is a unique and highly popular pizzeria that still uses coal brick ovens to create some of the best pizza in New York. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria was established in 1991 and quickly became highly sought out for their unique smoky flavor and crisp cut crust not possible with gas, convection, or wood ovens.

The company strives to ensure that future generations can experience this distinctive and truly authentic pizza, even though coal-brick oven cooking is a dying culinary art. Depending on the time of day and season the lines can be a bit long outside this heavenly-smelling eatery, sometimes lasting up to an hour, but the wait is worth it once you get inside and really smell, and then taste, that delicious NY pizza pie! Try the Insalata Caprese, White Pizza, Calzone, or Amaretto Nut Truffle while here and see why Grimaldi’s is ranked New York City’s #1 Pizza!