10 Best Beaches for Spring Break 2017

The words Spring Break just seem to scream sand, sun, and surf, and it’s truly never too early to start planning your big trip for 2017, which is why we’ve created our top 10 list of Best Beaches for Spring Break.

From Hawaii’s shimmery golden coasts to Alabama and South Carolina's unlikely Gulf favorites, we’ve found the biggest, best, and most beautiful beaches across the country. Get a jump on next years’ travels by planning a trip to one of these top beaches today, or preview a couple on the list this summer while you wait!

Waikiki Beach - Hawaii
Hawaii is a bliss-filled beach destination classic, especially when it comes to students flocking to the sand for spring or summer fun. Our personal favorite choice on the Hawaiian Islands? Hands down Waikiki Beach, an iconic crescent-shaped, golden sand beach that draws in large crowds regularly. Enjoy the tropical ambiance put off by the historic 1927 Royal Hawaiian Hotel as you dig your toes in the sand, let your hair down, and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of Diamond Head.


Waikiki Panorama

Ocean City - New Jersey
New Jersey offers an excellent option for Spring Break beaches at Ocean City, the top vacation spot in the state that contains 2.5 miles of boardwalk, 8 miles of soft sand, and seemingly endless miles of that beautiful blue Atlantic. Here you can enjoy a more low-key family-friendly Spring Break, the iconic resort town providing excellent free spring and summer activities and unbelievably amazing views of the Atlantic and Bayside.Ocean_City_New_Jersey_beach_patrol_boat

Gulf Shores - Alabama
The Gulf Shores, in Alabama, along with the neighboring Orange Beach, provide a glorious 32 miles of white sand quartz crystals along the scenic Gulf of Mexico. This is the perfect Spring Break spot for a group interested in old-fashioned beachside fun such as water sports, golf, and ziplines, as well as geographical history, the quartz sand traveling a long journey from the Appalachian Mountains to the shore. GulfShoresAlBeachJuly08B_altered

Coronado Beach - California
California’s Coronado Beach is one of the most famous U.S beach destinations, and this is especially no exception around Spring Break. Coronado Beach stretches 1.5 miles along the backside of Ocean Boulevard, the mineral Mica sand providing a great base for sunbathing, body surfing, boogie boarding, and even whale watching. Enjoy the views and amenities of the nearby Hotel Del Coronado, and if you want to bring your pooch be sure to head over to Dog Beach on the north side.

071023-N-5491S-001 CORONADO, Calif. (Oct. 23, 2007) - The sun rises over the Coronado Bay Bridge with smoke from the Harris fire looming overhead. Numerous fires are burning in San Diego County, however none are threatening Navy facilities. Navy Region Southwest has established several Military Evacuation Centers for Navy families (and their pets) who have been forced to evacuate their homes. U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Nick Sherrouse (RELEASED)

 The sun rises over the Coronado Bay Bridge 

Tybee Island - Georgia
Lovingly known as ‘Savannah’s Beach’, Tybee Island is one of our favorite 2017 Spring Break choices if you are more interested in nature and scenery than you are crowds and partying. Tybee Island is a protected barrier island that provides 5 miles of beautiful beach to bike, sunbathe, or stroll down. One of the best things about this beach is that each May through late October you can witness local Sea Turtles trekking around the beach with their young ones during mating season! tybee-907434_1920

Barefoot Beach Preserve - Florida
Barefoot Beach Preserve in Florida is another great natural Spring Break choice, 342 acres of pristine beach land, one of the only undeveloped barrier islands left on the southwest coast. Enjoy ample wildlife viewing opportunities, as well as amazing water and beach sport recreation opportunities. Picnics are pretty great here, too.

Hapuna Beach State Park - Hawaii
Another Hawaii Spring Break beach gem we couldn’t leave out for 2017 is Hapuna Beach State Park, the largest beach state park of the Big Island. Here you will find a ½ mile long and 200-foot wide white sand beach, this western island area known to be volcanic land that stretches along the Kohala Coast. Enjoy the lush vegetation typical of Hawaii all around the beach, as well as convenient large ‘perch’ rocks to sit on to take in the amazingly gorgeous Hawaii scenery surrounding you.Skimboarder_at_hapuna_beach

Coopers Beach Southampton - New York
This 2017 Spring Break option is particularly great for those who want to get a glimpse of the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, or spend their break in New York. This Southhampton beach sits in between the seemingly endless Atlantic and ritzy historic mansions, providing you with the best of both worlds. Enjoy frequent live concerts, excellent nearby shopping, and plenty of other amenities you will grow to love on your big vacation.coopers beach ny shampton

Myrtle Beach - South Carolina
Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is considered to be the ‘largest resort spot along the 60 mile Grand Strand’, a major East Coast vacation mecca. Enjoy boardwalks, carnival atmosphere, and amusement parks galore here, as well as excellent eateries, entertainment, and waterside excitement near the silky sand. Many groups love this spot for sailing, surfing, and fishing, as well.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA city skyline.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA city skyline.

Clearwater Beach - Florida
Perhaps one of the most talked about U.S beaches for the past 10 years is Florida’s very own Clearwater Beach, a sugar fine white sanded shore full of beachfront hotels and content throngs of beachgoers. This 3-mile stretch of beach has the added benefit of having the gorgeous Gulf Coast on the west, and the diverse Tampa Bay on the east. Fish, build a sand castle, take a cruise, join a game of volleyball, or work on your dolphin spotting skills while here!

Pier 60 Clearwater Beach Florida

Pier 60 Clearwater Beach Florida