11 Unlikely Senior Trip Destinations (That You’re Going to Love)

When it comes to planning your senior trip you shouldn’t just settle for any old U.S. mainstream location, you should go somewhere truly unique and memorable. That is why we at Adventure Student Travel have come up with this list of our top choices for unlikely senior trip destinations that you are going to love, giving you and your group more options than your typical New York and Miami themed vacations!

  • Seattle Space Needle -Head to Seattle for an unforgettable senior trip as you visit the iconic 605-foot spire known as the Space Needle. This observation tower is a landmark of the Pacific Northwest, an icon for Seattle, and comes complete with an observation deck and rotating restaurant!

    Seattle Pixabay Public Domain

  • Denver's Rocky Mountains - Head to the Rocky Mountain state’s capital for a big city getaway with a unique "Old West" vibe. Here you and your fellow graduates can see landmark buildings, interesting museums, really unique cultural and culinary spots, and of course get your chance to ski down the Rocky Mountains!
  • Ohio’s Hocking Hills State Park  - Get ready to hike, bike, fish, hunt, camp, and so much more at Ohio’s Hocking Hills State Park, home to over 2,300 acres of outdoor fun. Hocking Hills is known for its waterfalls and natural rock formations, favorites being Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, and Cedar Falls.
  • Alaska’s Gates of the Arctic - If you want to really put your survival skills to the test now that you’ve survived high school, this is your shot. This vast and almost completely untouched wilderness park spans 8.4 million acres, with no established roads, trails, or campsites. Find lodging near the park then spend your days exploring mountains, rivers, and tons of fun fishing spots!
    Alaska Eco Tour

    Alaska Eco Tour Shutterstock

  • The Ozarks - Encompassing southwestern Missouri and northern Arkansas, the Ozarks are truly remarkable, allowing guests to admire the natural beauty, camp, kayak, hike, and partake in award-winning fishing sites. For less outdoorsy fun head to Branson for endless entertainment, or Eureka Springs for a relaxing old-fashioned stop on your senior trip!
    Lake of the Ozarks

    Lake of the Ozarks Dreamstime Stock Photos

  • Albuquerque’s Air Balloons - Albuquerque is the capital of air balloons, especially during the summer, dotting the gorgeous desert sky with vibrant floaters daily. There is even a festival in October considered to be the most photographed event in the world! You can also always see authentic Southwest history, Native American and Latino culture, and endless shops, galleries, eateries, spas, and desert mountain fun!
  • Sunny Sedona - In Northern Arizona, you can find the Grand Canyon, but just a couple hours south you will find comparable scenery with incomparably small
    Scenic view of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona in the evening light

    Scenic view of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona in the evening light Dollarphotoclub

    crowds. Known mostly for the gorgeous red sandstone rock formations within it, Sedona is a great place to hike, bike, mountain climb, and even enjoy city spas and shopping!

  • Washington’s San Juan Islands - Probably not the islands you imagined visiting for your grad trip, that is until you’ve actually been here. These islands are truly dreamy, gorgeous spots full of green mountains and golden sand. It’s tranquil, it’s fun, and the weather is really unbeatable during the summer!
  • Mackinac Island Michigan -Mackinac Island is a really unique place that has tons of fudge and absolutely no cars. Due to a local ordinance, motor vehicles aren’t allowed, however, there is an abundance of homemade treats and trinkets throughout this relaxing coastal city, making it a great place for R&R after your big day.

    Mackinac Pixabay Public Domain

  • St. Augustine, Fl - This city is the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the U.S., though it is often overlooked for its surrounding cities' beaches and hype. St. Augustine, however, has truly beautiful architecture, weather, and culture, as well as Florida-typical white sand beaches.
  • Big Sur, California - California is, of course, a top choice for senior destinations, but perhaps not Big Sur, which is our favorite coastal region! Hike, mountain climb, camp, or explore remote beaches in Big Sur, or even learn to surf or cook a local meal, the opportunities for fun are endless here!