5 Best Food Tour Cities in America: Our Top Picks!

Are you a culinary enthusiast who loves sampling all types of cuisine? Whether you’re an avid foodie, a teacher looking for educational field trips for your students, or a chef searching for inspiration – America offers some of the best cities to explore food and culture. From coast-to-coast — each city has its own unique personality when it comes to flavors and cuisines. So if you're ready to dive in head first, let's take a look at the 5 top best food tour cities that should be on everyone's U.S. food tour list!

New York City – Sample the Different Neighborhoods and Ethnic Cuisines

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From Manhattan to Brooklyn and everything in between, New York City offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for high-end restaurants, cultural landmarks, or ethnic cuisine that rivals grandma’s cooking – NYC has it all. Take a bite out of the Big Apple and explore the vast number of neighborhood eateries and tastes from all around the world! As a true foodie's paradise, there are endless dishes to try - so be bold and get ready to wind your way through deliciousness. Who knows - you might just discover a new favorite flavor.


San Francisco – Experience the Vibrant Farmers Markets

San Francisco's culinary options are seemingly endless, but the city truly shines when it comes to exploring its vibrant farmers markets. From Fisherman's Wharf to Golden Gate Park and beyond, shoppers can find an array of locally grown produce, artisanal bread, and even specialty items such as homemade soap. Food-savvy locals sell everything from freshly caught seafood to homemade tamales and tacos. What makes the farmers markets in San Francisco unique is that you can try a variety of samples of different dishes—from breakfast burritos cooked right on the spot to old-fashioned pies still warm from being baked at home. There's something for everyone here, so don't forget to grab your wallet when heading out for a San Francisco food tour!


Chicago – Taste the Famous Deep Dish Pizza and More!

Chicago is an incredible destination for foodies, and no experience would be complete without tasting the famous deep-dish pizza! With so many amazing places to eat, it can be hard to choose where to begin. However, one dish you have to try is the classic deep dish pizza - dense crispy layers of cheese and tangy tomato sauces atop a buttery crust are a delicious treat. You can also find local staples such as Italian beef sandwiches or hit up one of its inspiring street markets for unique culinary delights like paper-thin crepes or specialty Asian foods. With so much tasty cuisine available in just one city, you’re sure to never go hungry.

Austin – Enjoy BBQ and Tex-Mex Specialties

Austin is a dream destination for foodies who love the unique flavors of BBQ and Tex-Mex. From smoked brisket to tortilla tacos, this city has it all! And with an endless array of restaurants to choose from, it’s easy to sample a bit of everything in one short visit. Some must-try locations include La Barbecue, where you can find delicious Texas barbecue cooked low and slow over wood fires as well as occasional Tex-Mex specials. Barley Swine offers up delicious dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients that have been inspired by classic Central Texas barbecue. Other favorites include Radio Coffee & Beer featuring cozy outdoor seating, open fire pits and live music plus refreshments on tap. No trip would be complete without visiting Kerbey Lane Cafe which has served Austin since 1980 and serves ‘the original breakfast tacos’ plus plenty of desirable vegan + vegetarian options. A visit to Austin isn't complete without indulging in the best BBQ and Tex-Mex specialties around!

Portland – Indulge in Street Food Trucks and Local Cuisine

Visit Portland and be ready to tantalize your taste buds! This city is home to amazing street food, from waffles stuffed with Nutella and bananas to traditional Oregon salmon tacos. In addition to the delicious street carts, you'll find a multitude of fine-dining restaurants to explore. From classic French bistros to modern tapas bars, there's something for everyone in the Rose City. If you're adventurous and looking for something different, don't skip out on a trip to an underground supper club—you won't regret it! Whether you are a food enthusiast or just someone who loves trying new things, Portland is sure to deliver a food experience that will have your mouth watering for more.

If you prefer to eat than sightsee, take a food tour instead and explore the many culinary delights of these five cities. From NYC's diverse range of cuisines in every neighborhood to SF's vibrant farmers markets, Chicago's deep-dish pizza specialty, Austin's BBQ and Tex-Mex treats, and Portland's street food trucks - there’s something for everyone’s tastes. So if your mouth is watering at the prospect of exploring all these delicious places but your stomach rumbles at the thought of planning the perfect food tour then let us do all the hard work for you. Whether you have a fixed budget or just want to splurge on an extravagant adventure – We are sure that we can help your group find and dish up the best food experiences. Check out some sample culinary tours here on our page. Bon Appétit!