4-Day Chicago Food Tour

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The Windy City may be one of the tastiest places to explore, from the edgiest chef-driven hotspots to historic and ethnic holes in the wall. Don't take it from us, though, try out this fun, food-filled 4-day itinerary yourself! Remember, changes and customization to your group are always possible!


Sidewalk Food Tours of Chicago - This 3-hour food and history tours will show your group some of the coolest, and tastiest, spots in the city, a great way to start out your Chicago culinary journey! Specialty food stores, well-known chains, hidden Chicago gems, and ethnic eateries will be explored, and the guides will provide insider insight into the particular places history, architecture, and culture along the way! After all, what better way to get to know a place than by tasting it's past and present?


Rick Bayless Gardens -  Welcome to the most popular 'urban edible' garden in Chicago, the Rick Bayless Garden. In the 8 month production period this garden will produce over 700 pounds of greens, 65,000 edible flowers, 250 pounds of herbs, and 100 pounds of butternut squash, all these ingredients used directly in Rick's restaurants. The point of these gardens is not only to utilize local 'urban edibles' but to teach the public about the importance of function and beauty when it comes to gardening and food production.

Wicker Park and Old Polonia Walking Tour with Food - This neighborhood is centered around the six corners of Milwaukee, North and Damen Avenues and is sometimes called the 'first Brooklyn of Chicago', or, as is more common today, the 'new Lincoln Park' (TimeOut). Boutiques, restaurants, entertainment venues, homes and condos, bars and lounges, art galleries...this neighborhood will have a little bit of something for everyone in your group, a great place to take a tour, shop around, or just grab dinner and a show! Culture and commerce at their best!


Ipsento Cafe - Ipsento started in 2006, the name itself explaining the reasoning behind it; 'ipse' = self, 'sentio' = to discover (Latin roots). The founder wanted to give guests a profoundly deeper experience of coffee, taking his global coffee travels, stories, theories, experiences, and even knock-knock jokes and mixing them all together in one outstanding cup of coffee. 'Only the most brilliant, sustainable coffees in the world' are brewed here!

Lincoln Park - Zoo or Self-Exploration

Green City Market - This market connects farmers and local producers with chefs and the greater Chicago community in general, not only by allowing them to shop at the market and make personal connections with the growers, but also by offering free tours, educational programs, and occasional demo courses! Your group can sign up for a free tour, a field trip including hands-on gardening activities, or a program such as Club Sprouts or Chef Demos! The hands-on activities include such activities as seeding, thinning, transplanting, weeding, pruning, harvesting, composting, and, of course, tasting!

Chicago Neighborhoods and Cultural Diversity Tour - For a look into the social life of Chicago, past and present, this is the tour you need to take. The Chicago Neighborhoods and Cultural Diversity tour is a three hour 'people's history' tour, a journey capturing the spirit of the people through history, architecture, and religion. You will travel through such culturally rich neighborhoods as Hyde Park, Bridgeport, Chinatown, Pilson, Greektown, South Loop, and many more.

National Museum of Mexican Art - Within the museum, your group will find over 10,000 permanent collection pieces and 5,000 paintings, photographs, and sculptures, each representing over 3,000 years of creativity ‘from both sides of the border’. This collection is one of the most prominent first-voice institutions for Mexican art and culture in the U.S, home to one of the country's largest art collections (did we mention the 9,000 seminal works from ancient Mexico?).


Pilsen Shopping and Free Time

Changes and Spaces in Pilsen Food Tour -  The tour focuses on the last 50 years of history in Pilsen, which is mainly Mexican immigration. 'You will discuss local factories and the working class of the past, and most of all the tour focuses on the complex and sensitive forces at hand in the gentrification of the area into one for young, creative professionals.' You will get a better idea and sense of responsibility for community changes, plus you will get to sample some seriously tasty wares along the way. Try grilled skirt steak, plantains, and ancho chilis as you discuss the irony of 'gourmet tacos'.