Field Trip Tips: 8 Tricks to Help Teachers

Make field trips fun and stress-free with these 8 helpful field trip tips for teachers. Learn how to prepare for a field trip, plan efficient transportation, create meaningful activities, and more! Get the most out of your students' experience with these easy tricks.

1. Inform the parents and Chaperones of Your Trip


This goes without saying, however it is important that parents and chaperones know where the students are going, how long they will be gone, how much money the students may need to bring, etc. A common theme here will be about being on the same page as chaperones and parents. This will ensure a much smoother trip for everyone.

2. A Good Attitude


We all know that kids can be very good about picking up on our emotions. You know how when someone is stressed, sometimes they tend to lash out? Well, what happens when we are stressed, which causes our students to also stress? It is important to remember that this is meant to be fun, and most likely educational, so we want to focus on bringing a good positive energy with us on any trip. The rest of these tips will provide you with enough information to keep you prepared thus less stressed.

3. Have A Plan And Stick With It

field trip tips for teachers

This is important for you, your students, and your chaperones.  This includes setting the rules for the trip and making sure everyone knows and sticks to the schedule of the day. You will be able to go through your day step by step, which will help keep your students moving in the direction you need them to go in.

4. Treat Your Seating Chart/Groups Like You Were Doing A Class Project

field trip tips for teachers

You and your chaperones will be thankful if you separate your students this way. You can avoid potential problems if you split up students that misbehave together the best you can. If Billy and Tommy are disruptive when together but are more well behaved when separated, put them in different groups.

5. Go Over Your Rules And Stick To Them

The law of the classroom/school extends past the walls of the school and make sure your students are aware of what you expect of them and the consequences. If you have students who have been punished, they should not be allowed on the trip. If they break the rules on the trip, make sure you enforce the consequences when you return to school.

6. Name Tags

If your are split up into multiple groups, have name tags of students match the name tags of their chaperone. Name tags help everyone recognize each other and provide a feeling of safety amongst the group.

7. Bring Extras

Make sure on your field trip you bring along with you extra money, a credit card just in case, perhaps a change of clothes incase a student ends up in a mess, copies of your roster, your parent contact forms, paper towels, etc. Proper prior planning prevents poor performance. Anything can happen and you will be much less stressed if you know that you are prepared for all situations. The money is important for many reasons but it is likely at least one student will forget to bring lunch money. Their parents can always pay you back later.

8. Have Fun

This tip is just as important as all the others. You have provided these kids with a field trip they will remember for a very long time at the very least. Enjoy it, enjoy your time with your students and accept this trip as a time to educate but also form a bond with your class.

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