Back to School Humor for Teachers: Social Distancing Edition

Teachers, it's that time again, back to school season, only this year is looking a little, okay let's face it, a lot different than last year.

Your lesson plans, test schedule, field trips plans, and much more are probably changing constantly, trying to work with virtual learning or in-class social distancing this year. We get it, it's going to be a tough one, so why not start it off right with a little light-hearted humor from your friends at Adventure Student Travel?

Drink some coffee, have a laugh while checking out our hilarious Pinterest board (see link below), and remember AST is here for all your travel needs!

Back to School Tips for Teachers:

    • Stock up on Germ-X. You don't have enough, don't even pretend you do.
    • Invest plenty of time in good Read-Aloud books and novels for your class. This is a good way to keep everyone involved but at safe social distances.
    • Plan morning meetings with your students before learning starts to discuss any concerns with social distancing, mask usage, and the pandemic in general.
    • Utilize desk cubbies and water bottle holders to prevent extra germ spread.
    • Be patient, this is new for everyone!
    • Remember that your kids are going to break the social distance rule at one point or another, just relax and take it all day by day.

Check out our hilarious Comic Relief for Teachers Pinterest board for plenty of laughs!