Back to School Humor for Teachers

Teachers, it's that time again, back to school season!

We know your first weeks of prepping and planning for the school year can be extremely stressful, especially when you factor in field trip planning. Let us make it easier and more lighthearted for you this year!

Drink some coffee, have a laugh, and remember AST is here to make your trip planning the least stressful part of your year!

Back to School Tips for Teachers:

    • Don't go overboard with your Pinterest inspired classroom decor right off the bat, focus on getting through all those meetings first! Your classroom will get messed up the first day of class anyway.
    • Pre-practice bladder control. Holding it during classes could be an Olympic sport.
    • Start your own fidget spinner collection while confiscating. Students can't have all the fun.
    • Look up the most absurd student names on the internet and practice. You are bound to get 25% wrong.
    • Embrace the chaos. It's going to be chaotic, it just is. You're a teacher, you can handle it.
    • Buy plenty of expo markers. You don't have enough, trust us.
    • Don't try to plan a back-to-school field trip by yourself, call us!
    • Put on your game face and brace yourself. The students are coming.


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