Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

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Visitors view a herd of Elk from a viewing platform at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center south of Anchorage, Alaska July 2010. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a 200-acre nonprofit center that gives homes to injured and orphaned wildlife.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is an Anchorage local non-profit animal refuge dedicated to ‘conservation, education, and quality of animal care’. This center works to preserve the state’s wildlife by providing a refuge for the sick, wounded, and orphaned animals that can no longer be on their own in the wild. The staff provides spacious enclosures and quality care to the animals, giving them a second chance for life and the visitors the unique chance to see them up close and personal. The center is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 5 pm, making it easy to plan a visit to this permanent home to so many animals.

Fans of photography, ecology, and even geography will absolutely love this chance to observe and learn, with several tours, lessons, educational programming, and feedings happening regularly. See coyotes, bald eagles, grizzlies, wood bison, and even salmon within the boundaries of this 200-acre wilderness, 65 of those acres being tidal flat terrain, a spot packed with wildlife. If you choose to take a tour you will be able to walk through the prep kitchen, have a one on one animal encounter, and see an interactive presentation on hides, pelts, bones, and guides. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center accepts interns regularly, offers lessons and school visits, plans field trip days, and even gives teachers curriculum and educational programming on animal science to go back to the classroom with.

Be sure to visit the Welcome Center, check out any current in-depth interaction animal programs taking place (like lynx or porcupine feeding), or stop by the Gift Shop or BEARS Boardwalk before you go. This is one really gorgeous, and really educational stop your group isn’t going to want to miss in Anchorage!