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Student Cruise Trips

Locomotives of the sea, cruises are a way to travel in luxury and comfort, to enjoy getting there as much as the destination. Journey through the cerulean waters of the Caribbean, lie on the white sandy beaches of Mexico or relax in a hammock in Nassau after you pamper yourself senselessly aboard a floating city.…
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7 Things to do on a Class Trip to Hawaii

If you’re looking at Hawaii for your class trip, chances are you don’t need me to sell you on this state’s brilliant qualities. However, you may very well need a little guidance on what to do during your time on this tropical archipelago. We’ve picked out some shining suggestions to appeal to all tastes. Beaches…
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Top 10 Senior Trip Ideas

Whether you're graduating from college, high school, or just the 8th grade, moving on from your classmates and school is a pretty big deal. We believe that graduation should be celebrated to the fullest extent, and what better way to do that than with a senior trip? You'll get one last big blowout to commemorate…
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