All About Educational Tours in San Antonio

San Antonio is perhaps the most visited Texas city full of history and culture. Guided tours of the city make for incredible learning adventures, with a helpful guide at the helm and beautiful sites before your eyes. So when you're looking for an educational journey, look no further than these amazing guided tours!

  • San Antonio: The Grand Historic City City Tour - Gray Line Tours 

So great they split it into two parts, Gray Lines offers an in-depth educational experience that you'll not want to miss! Part 1 is a four-hour extravaganza taking you through all the best sites in San Antonio from Hemisfair Park to La Villita, St. Paul Square, Rivercenter Mall, and to so much more. Play Texas Trivia along the way to pass the time and have some fun as you learn from your narrator guide. Also see the Alamo Plaza, theatre district, San Fernando Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, and end your journey at the Alamo. Part 2 is similar to Part 1 only with a totally different route spread over another four hours of touring. This excellent ride takes you to the San Antonio Zoo and Botanical Center, the San Antonio River Locks, Witte Museum, King William Historic District, McNay Art Museum, and much more.

  • Rio San Antonio Cruises

What better way to experience San Antonio than by the river? Rio San Antonio Cruises are one of the area's best tour companies, bar none, with education and entertainment in store for your group. Open from 9 am to 9 pm, you can board the river cruise at any of their four ports of call, Historia, Clearwater, Aztec Theater, or the Lock & Dam. A knowledgeable guide will steer your crew through the twists and turns of the scenic river, through the middle of the bustling city and along many of the city's most prominent landmarks. This is certainly one of the most historic and scenic tours of San Antonio on the beautiful river.

San Antonio River Cruise Pixabay Public Domain

San Antonio River Cruise Pixabay Public Domain

  • Bad Wolf Ghost Tours

Some teachers might argue that ghost tours aren't educational but Bad Wolf would argue with you! One of the most highly rated ghost tours in San Antonio, Bad Wolf Ghost Tours tells the best creepy tales of this incredible city, including the most factual histories of the city's oldest buildings. Meet in front of the Alamo and wind along the Riverwalk to the area's oldest and most reportedly haunted buildings. Each ghost tour gets its own detecting equipment to see if they can spot a paranormal disturbance (Ghosts are reported at least once a week). At just under a mile long, the walk is easy but frightening! Even several celebrities have enjoyed this particular tour including Anthony Michael Hall of The Breakfast Club. You can also take part in the Black Swan Ghost Tour at Victoria's Black Swan Inn, the most haunted building in San Antonio. The building has been on several paranormal TV shows for its supposed abundance of apparitions. Learn about the building's horror-filled past and explore the history of paranormal investigation using copper dowsing rods, the oldest form of scientific ghost hunting. Even if you don't believe in ghosts, it's fun to see the darker side of history sometimes.

  • Grand Trolley Tours

Perhaps one of the most recognizable land-based tours in San Antonio, the green and red trolleys are a fantastic option for groups of all ages. The fully narrated live tour guide tells you all about the various steps from the Alamo to the Spanish Governor's Palace, King William Historic District to El Mercado where you can stop for lunch. This is a unique hop-on-and-off style of touring that allows you to spend as long as you want at a landmark attraction and simply hop back on another green and red trolley when you're ready to see the next one, without having to rush. It truly is a historic way to see a historic city!

  • Grand Double Decker Bus Tour

Offered through the same company as the trolley tours, the Grand Double Decker Bus Tour is another fantastic option. Narrated by a live recording, tour "hoppers" are welcomed to explore the Alamo, the Tower of America's, Hemisfair Park, Main Plaza, San Fernando Cathedral, and so much more from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus.

San Antonio Botanical Garden Pixabay Public Domain

San Antonio Botanical Garden Pixabay Public Domain

  • Extra Tours!

Natural Bridge Caverns - This incredible cave system offers a variety of tour options including the Discovery Tour, Hidden Passages Tour, Lantern Tour, and Adventure Tours through undeveloped sections of the cave.

San Antonio Botanical Garden - This beautiful garden center offers nature walks and birding walks on Fridays and Saturdays for whoever is interested, as well as optional guided adult tours through the gardens.

San Antonio Zoo - Always about education, the San Antonio Zoo offers a myriad of educational opportunities for all ages. For teachers and classes, there is the Behind the Scenes: Career Tours, Real.Wild.Classroom., S.A.Fari Adventures, and overnight specials for small groups.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch - See animals in a zoo-like setting from the comfort of your car or tour bus! The Summertime Safari Tour is a two-hour-long treat including the 450 animals and the Petting Barnyard, or you have the Adventure Tour and Interactive Program (with or without a provided lunch).