Andy Williams Moon River Theatre

Branson, as you probably already know, is known to be the 'live music capital of the world', the entire city draped in a myriad of different performance venues. The particular performance venue in question now, the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre, is one of the favorites for student groups for several reasons. First of all, this theater was a sort of pioneer for any musical performers who weren't considered to be country. Andy Williams' new variety show and Christmas extravaganza here was a new path for performers, giving this spot a bit of unique history we love. Another great reason to love Andy's is the design and scenery of the actual building. The architecture of this gorgeous spot was designed to reflect the 'beauty and environmental integrity' of the surrounding Ozark Mountains, something it does very well within the 48,000 square feet inside. Around this theater, you will see 16 acres full of Missouri foliage, rock formations, waterfalls, and even a peaceful stream. This spot actually received the Conservation Award for Developed Land in Missouri in 1992, the year it opened.

Of course, our main reason we love the Moon River Theatre the most is the raw musical and performance talent featured here, from the late Andy Williams himself to his regular guests, such as Charo and the Osmond Brothers. Glen Campbell and Ann-Margret also came around the variety show quite often, as well as the Lennon Sisters. These guests all make for a great mix of music and comedy, something we think all groups will enjoy during their Branson visit.

Here are examples of common shows here:
Maxine's Christmas Carol - Follow the 'Queen of Crabbiness' in this Charles Dickens classic, plenty of Christmas cheer and comedy guaranteed.
Lettermen - You'll want to see this legendary trio perform their history-making pop hits, that's for certain.
Christmas Extravaganza - This is the very best show this theater does, in our own opinion, an annual tribute full of glitz, glamor, and cheer! Enjoy over 7 different acts and plenty of Christmas classics!