1-Day Orlando Breakaway

Day 1 You'll See:

Orlando is most known for its summery weather and amusement park filled cityscape, though there is much to do outside of the tourists' traps as well. While we do love and will send you to Disney today, we think the more natural side of Orlando is worth experiencing as well. So get ready for a ½ Disney, ½ Orlando marine life journey like no other! This is going to be busy, and unforgettable day, so come well rested and well hydrated, students!

Day 1 -

Discovery Cove - Begin your Orlando vacation on a natural note at Discovery Cove, a sister park to Aquatica This marine themed amusement park is considered to be an all-inclusive day resort, including all activities throughout the park as well as breakfast, lunch, and snacks all day. (Reservations are required for this experience, a part of our service to get this for your group).

Exhilarating animal encounters, tropical atmosphere, and marine activities await you inside, such activities as swimming with bottlenose dolphins, feeding tropical birds, and snorkeling through a saltwater reef. The landscape is dotted with rugged lagoons and lush greenery, tropical reefs and windy rivers throughout. Waterfalls, white sand beaches, and much more are also within the park, the absolute perfect place to experience Orlando’s wild side (and learn a ton while doing it!).

Walt Disney World - An exceptionally memorable experience will end your day at the one and only Walt Disney World, the most magical place on earth! This vastly popular entertainment complex is the flagship Disney destination, an amusement park paradise perfect for day trips, educational trips (Disney YES Program), and senior trips (Grad Bash).

Start your morning at the classic Disney Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, head to Epcot to ride some of the most fun rides in the park, then Hollywood Studios to immerse yourself into the digital Disney world. There are seemingly endless lunch options here, each themed accordingly with their particular park. If you have enough time head over to Universal (about 15-20 minutes away) and have a butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and explore Diagon Alley.