2-Day Austin Outing

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Get ready for a really thrilling 2-day adventure through Austin, Texas, the state's capital city. With this 2-day itinerary, you will be able to spend time at a local aquarium, art museum, cultural center, and some of the city's most fun attractions including laser tag and escape rooms.

Day 1

Austin Aquarium

Immerse yourself in the world's oceans by touring the various exhibits and experiences such as feeding areas. Visitors young and old can come up close and personal with small sharks, rays, and more in the touch pool and feeding areas, learning about these amazing creatures from a hands-on perspective. Adults and older students will enjoy the interactive displays and educational galleries full of exotic creatures from around the world. There's plenty for kids as well as adults with playground areas designed around the marine theme for added learning and fun!

HOPE Outdoor Gallery 

The new HOPE Outdoor Gallery will be located by the Austin Bergstrom International Airport and is meant to serve the purpose of a cultural center and art park for the local Austin community and visitors from all over the globe. This art park and full-service events center will allow guests to experience large-scale public art, new creative technologies, and education in arts all at once. There are to be regular events in the open-air venue and guests can also attend cultural classes, camps, and productions regularly.

Blazer Tag Adventure Center

Blazer Tag Adventure Center is family owned and operated and features 3 full stories of ramps, bridges, and towers for laser tag, the entire experience just like 'stepping into a Star Wars-type internet video gaming experience'. Use a futuristic phaser and enjoy your high-tech game of hide and seek, the thrilling experience perfect for ages 7 to 97. After you've had your fill of laser tag fun settle in for some arcade action, the adventure center featuring over 50 high-intensity games with everything from Ms. Pac-Man to Harpoon Lagoon.

Day 2

The Contemporary Austin

Serving as the primary community art museum, The Contemporary Austin strives to complete its mission 'to educate and inspire audiences in visual arts', something it does very well with it's various every changing exhibits, workshops, art labs, and tours. The Jones Center location is likely the one your group will be visiting, though there is one at Laguna Gloria as well.

Maze Room Austin

Maze Room provides a physical game scenario in which you will be 'locked' in a room with other participants and must use elements of that room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit. These games are great for team building, quality family fun time, an unusual night on the town, and a critical thinking student activity.

Mexic-Arte Museum

The museum, with ties to world-renowned museums in Mexico City, has an extensive collection and impressive curation of its exhibits. Permanent and temporary exhibitions range in topic from Dia de Los Muertos artwork and expression to artist highlights, Mexican textile prints, and young Latin American artists under 20. While the art on display at the Mexic-Arte Museum is always revolving, your group is sure to find the most authentic representations of the Latin American culture, heritage, and contemporary art.