2-Day Baylor Bear Getaway

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

If you have time, there is an additional extra day option that allows you to see the Magnolia TrailCameron Park Zoo, and Lake Waco.

Whether you're visiting for a senior trip or regular educational outing, being a Baylor Bear for a weekend is an excellent travel opportunity for your group while in Texas!


Baylor University

Baylor University is among some of the most highly recognized colleges in the country, a university within the top 100 of the prestigious Annual Review of Colleges and Universities. Baylor is a private Christian university first established in 1845, making it the oldest continuously operating university in Texas. The school houses around 16,000 students at any given time, the students all drawn to Baylor by its outstanding interdisciplinary research and reputation for educational excellence overall. This school features business, law, nursing, human sciences, computer sciences, education, Theological Seminary, social work, and arts and sciences. Baylor University is a member of the Big 12 Conference, allowing students and guests to enjoy Division I athletics on a regular basis.

Lunch on Campus

Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat

The Baylor Bears really take their school spirit to the next level with the inclusion of the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat on campus, this 'Bear Pit' revealed in 2005 during homecoming. The Bear Pit is considered to be the 'most visited place on campus', this Class C Zoo maintained by the US Dept of Agriculture, students within several different departments on campus, and professional trainers. There is absolutely no question about the care for these bears, they are certainly spoiled and happy! The two bears you will see are named Joy and Lady, both North American Black Bears. There is a walkway around their enclosure to watch them swim, eat, or play, as well as a private cave, cooled to their liking.

Martin Museum of Art

Welcome to the Martin Museum of Art, the Baylor University associated art museum that holds over 1300 objects in its permanent collection alone. Did we mention it's free? This museum aims to aid the 'advancement and understanding of art' for students and the general public. The very first Museum of Art here on campus was built in 1967, and eventually, after a few relocations and a few name changes, the museum you see today was formed within the Hooper- Schaefer Fine Arts Center. Fun fact: the name 'Martin' in the Martin Museum of Art came from Hooper-Schaefer's niece, Ruby Martin. The collection inside is quite diverse, with several different mediums of art covered, from artists all across America, and the world. There are temporary exhibits as well, each complimenting the art department courses (Art History and Studio Art Courses).


Mayborn Museum 

Located on the Baylor University campus, the Mayborn Museum Complex is a great stop for visitors of any age! Inside Mayborn you will find a multitude of hands-on exhibits and activities all throughout the different 'Discovery Rooms', of which there are 2 full floors. There are examples of interactive natural science, cultural history, and outdoor learning. Visit the Jeanes Discovery Center and learn all about water, bubbles, energy, lights, and so much more. The overall focus seems to be on central Texas, specifically it's geology, paleontology, and archeology. Here are some exhibits to see:

McLane Stadium Tours

There's no way you can spend a weekend seeing the sights of Baylor University without stopping at McLane Stadium, Central Texas' state of the art entertainment and sports venue. Here your group can take an educational tour in which they will spend 80-90 minutes touring the stadium, then 30-40 minutes within a classroom setting to focus more on a school curriculum in regards to the sport. You will all see the Baylor Locker Room, Press Box, Recruit Lounge, Presidential Level, and even get field access, depending on the home team activity that day.

Armstrong Browning Library 

Home to the largest collections of Victorian poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, this research center and museum is one of the most educationally unique places to visit on campus with your group, especially if there is a particular interest in literature! Not only will you find the Brownings' work, but tons of other fine collections of rare 19th-century books, manuscripts, and works of art. There may be a lecture, musical event, cultural event, conference, or special exhibition going on during the day of your visit, also.

Dr. Pepper Museum

Welcome to the Dr. Pepper Museum, the soft drink museum located in a Waco 1906-era bottling plant. Focusing on the history and memorabilia of soft drinks over time, not just Dr. Pepper alone, this museum gives guests a great insight into the industry and enterprise in general. In fact, the 3rd floor actually holds the Free Enterprise Institute, a great spot for students to come get a quick but effective economics lesson. While here your group is going to have several different tour options, each one taking you behind the scenes of this institution and of the creation of Dr. Pepper in general. Learn about Dr. Charles Alderton, the original 'Dr. Pepper' who created this soft drink in 1885 in the Old Corner Drug Store. That makes Dr. Pepper the oldest major soft drink in the United States!