2-Day Knoxville Getaway



Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

Spend two whirl-wind days exploring all the best that Knoxville has to offer with AST!


Sunsphere - 

This 266 foot high, hexagonal steel truss represents Knoxville's innovation, engineering feats, and cultural background all at once, with an impressive architectural history tracing back to the 1982 World Fair.The Sunsphere holds one main unmissable feature; the 75-foot gold dusted glass sphere. This is the 'iconic representation and symbol of Knoxville', the golden hue made up of 24 karat gold flecks. During your visit, you will head up to the 4th-floor observation deck, the spot where you will be able to take in more detailed information about the architecture and history of the sphere within the onsite gallery, as well as take in the amazing 360-degree views.

Knoxville Museum of Art - 

This museum, oftentimes referred to as KMA, provides a rich visual legacy of Eastern Tennessee, with several exhibits boasting new art from the region, new and old. In particular, the culture of the Southern Appalachians is focused on throughout the galleries.The Knoxville Museum of Art was established in 1961, seeing over 60,000 guests since then. Not only will visitors to KMA find outstanding visual arts and local history, but they will also have the chance to take part in classes, tours, workshops, and educational programs, as well as catch a concert or lecture depending upon the time of their visit.

Market Square - 

Market Square is an integral part of the city's economic, recreational, cultural, and historical community, the area holding some of the most prominent events and businesses since first opening in 1854. What first began as a local farmers trading post, meeting spot, and polling station has today grown into the number one spot in the city to find food, entertainment, lodging, and of course, fun! Around the square you will find over 13 eateries and 10 shops, some of the more popular places being the Market House Cafe, an excellent spot to grab a sandwich or cup of coffee and enjoy the weather on the patio, or Agora Knoxville, a popular local boutique.



Zoo Knoxville - 

Holding over 800 resident animals onsite and a record of over 400,000 visitors per year, Zoo Knoxville is one of the most popular attractions in the area, and for good reason! You will find educational presentations, camel and carousel rides, animal encounters, and even special and holiday events here at the zoo, making it one of the communities top entertainment and recreation providers. Student groups will love the one of a kind educational experiences, each opportunity 'connecting them with animals and sparking their curiosity for conservation'.

Museum of Appalachia - (20 Minutes North of Knoxville) 

This rustic museum was established as a nonprofit in 1969 by John Irwin with the goal of 'preserving the past for the future'. Since then it has earned a spot as an official Smithsonian Affiliate museum for its excellence in displaying regional history and culture. Your group will be able to experience this excellence by exploring the 65 acres of recreated Appalachian community, the area including 35 cabins, several barns, farm animals, churches, schools, and gardens. There are 3 main museum buildings that hold over 250,000 artifacts such as folk art, musical instruments, baskets, quilts, and other various Native American Artifacts.