2-Day Miami Grad Trip

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Seniors, are you ready for 2 full days of sun-kissed Miami bliss? Great, because we are ready to start planning this epic adventure! 


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Designed to be a modern, subtropical interpretation of an 18th-century Italian villa, this mansion is a work of art in itself to the same degree as the art within its walls. Mediterranean elements mix with a Spanish flair, modern features, and Art Deco to create a unique and captivating picture facing Biscayne Bay. The museum contains works of art spanning over a thousand years from ancient Rome to Chinese ceramics and contemporaneous artists of Deering’s day. The home’s art collection was under the charge of Paul Chalfin, Deering’s artistic director, who brought in nearly everything found in the museum and gardens today. See everything from ancient Roman sculptures to Renaissance works, oil paintings, tapestries, and furniture filling every room of the home.

Ocean Drive

Art Deco historic district by day, shopping and entertainment mecca by night, Ocean Drive is the 'linchpin street in setting fashion trends of Miami' (Miami and Beaches), this area providing locals and guests alike with all the finest in fashion! Over 30 designer brands can be found here, such as Armani and Guess, and even more commonly found ones for the younger crowd like Uggs and H&M. South Beach itself is already known as a popular arts, fashion, culture, and entertainment hub, and Ocean Drive only adds to that title by being an 'edgy fashion mecca since the late 1980s'.

Venetian Pool

The Venetian Pool is a 4-acre historic swimming pool within Coral Gables that holds 280,000 gallons of spring water from an underground aquifer. Each night during the spring and summer seasons this pool is drained, which takes about 3.5 hours, then cleaned and refilled for the next day, always providing a clean, cool, refreshing dip for visitors! The pool is overall unlike any other in the country, made entirely of coral rock quarry. It was first built in 1923 and has since then seen hundreds of thousands of visitors, this being one of the community's main attractions. Enjoy additional features as well, such as the 2 historic lookout towers, 2 waterfalls, cave-like grotto, loggias, porticos, palm trees, and bridge!


Bayside Marketplace

Start your day at the 230,000 square foot festival marketplace in downtown Miami, Bayside Marketplace. First established in 1987, Bayside Marketplace annually provides over 15 million visitors with ample shopping, food, live music, local culture, and fantastic seaside viewing opportunities, what more could you ask for in a shopping mall? This is the perfect place to eat, drink, watch boats in the marina, listen to live music, and of course, shop, with over 120 retail stores inside! Bayside Market is known to be a highly popular local tourist and family entertainment spot, and is open from 10 am to 10 pm, so be sure to wear your comfortable walking shoes and don’t feel rushed through the experience!

Little Havana Walking Tour

This brilliant culture-filled tour departs daily at 10:30 a.m. and delves into political, religious, and social customs of the community that has had a significant influence on the city of Miami’s development, culture, and history. Guides will take you through one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods and show you how waves of Cuban refugees changed the landscape in these humble yet lively communities. This walking tour is fairly tame as far as physical exertion goes, mostly within a four-block radius from its starting point in front of the Bay of Pigs Memorial on the Miami Mainland.

Everglades National Park

Get ready to explore a World Heritage Site, the stunning and unique Everglades National Park! The Everglades is a unique environment for its strange combination of ecosystems. There are at least six separate ecosystems thriving simultaneously side by side including mangrove, pineland, sawgrass marshes, and the Florida Bay among others. The geology of the park is a delicate balance of imposing geology and hydrology, a combination of limestone structures and rising sea level. The raw beauty of these habitats is incredible, so be sure to bring a camera!

South Beach

With that palm tree classic look, the beach is covered in silky soft golden white sands leading into the brilliant turquoise waters that is a magnet for locals and tourists alike. Though the beach can be crowded, it is worth the effort and crowds to experience this pristine, warm-weather favorite. Hang out on the beach or spend the day shopping and dining the exciting South Beach entertainment district. South Beach is renowned for its mix of vibrant cultures and Latin-American influence making for young, urban energy that illuminates the area. Stop by restaurants like Puerto Sagua to sample a taste of authentic Cuba in a relaxing, colorful environment.