2-Day San Antonio Adventure

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

This 2-Day San Antonio Adventure is the perfect weekend getaway for student groups looking for history, culture, and a great time overall!



The Alamo, during the battle and even still today, was the symbol of Texas independence, of the defense of the Republic against invaders and usurpers who would reclaim the territory. Brave Texans and Tejanos held off the larger army, fighting side by side with famous soldiers and frontiersmen like Jim Bowie and Davie Crockett. Though the Alamo fell, it remains a symbol of bravery, the power of will, and the livelihood of the Republic of Texas. Ask questions to docents and park rangers, take a self-guided tour of the Alamo Shrine and see the engraved names of those brave fighters who held off the invading Mexican army, visit the Long Barrack Museum, the Wall of History, and much more!

Hemisfair Park

Originally built to host the 1968 World’s Fair, HemisFair Park is a beautiful urban park with everything from historic homes to museums, playgrounds, and more. Beautiful fountains featuring cascading waterfalls decorate the lush landscapes with a comfortable and pleasurable walking experience. As a historic destination itself, HemisFair Park is home to several attractions that featured in the World’s Fair. The Tower of the Americas is perhaps the area’s most popular and most impressive feature. This 750-foot tower rises high above the park and surrounding city to provide breathtaking views with an added bonus of a fine dining restaurant and 4D theater ride. Skies Over Texas is an interactive multi-sensory theater experience that flies you over the Lone Star State.

UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

This institute provides guests with historic and art-focused exhibits, various cultural festivals and events, and several educational resources for students and teachers. As an official Smithsonian Affiliate museum, you can trust that there are many educational and culturally insightful experiences to be had here at the institute. During your visit, your group can opt-in for a guided group tour of the facility, a school subject focused tour (pre-k-12), or just take the opportunity to look around and learn on your own. The student-specific tours include the Back 40 Tour, Texans One and All Tour and various labs. If you decide to explore on your own be aware that there are permanent collections, special and rotating exhibits, and a multitude of different artifacts all throughout.

River Walk

This beautiful riverway is lined with businesses, restaurants, hotels, attractions, and other services to make it the most inviting and entertaining district in the city. Ride the riverboats and have dinner on board for the quintessential River Walk experience. Take a tour of the area or just stop by as part of the Alamo Trolley tours before heading to different places. You might not want to leave, however, once you get a taste of the glorious personality of the San Antonio River and the shopping you can find here. Boutiques and shops are sprinkled throughout the walk, spicing up the area with specialty shops and local flavor.

GO RIO River Cruise 

GO RIO is the newest river cruise experience in San Antonio and provides narrated public tours departing every 15 to 20 minutes, 9 am to 10 pm. Student groups can also reserve a chartered cruise, with space for up to 40 people on board. The barges themselves are colorful and eco-friendly, providing a safe and educational way to get some fresh air and learn along the River Walk!

Alamo City Ghost Hunt

Presenting a truly 'twisted history', this tour company will provide your group with all the tools you will need to fully understand the city and it's past, especially it's past residents. Each guest will receive an EMF meter to measure electromagnetic frequencies, a digital thermometer to detect cold spots, and dowsing rods to detect energy. You will take your equipment to some of the most haunted areas in San Antonio, from the streets and alleys of downtown to various old hospitals, battlefields, and graveyards. The 'history and mayhem of Alamo's wicked past' discovered in this 90-minute tour has earned it the name of Top American Ghost Tour by TripAdvisor and One of the Best Things to do in San Antonio by USA Today.


San Antonio Missions National Historic Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site holds four out of five Spanish Frontier Missions in town, spanning nearly 300 years of rich history and culture. The four missions include the following: San Jose, Conception, San Juan, Espada. Each of these missions was actually historic communities in San Antonio that held the main church/religious focus, though many think they were churches primarily. Today they hold active Catholic Parishes and regular services for locals and guests, though they do not serve as communities as they once did. Take part in any of the daily scheduled programs with your group for free and learn about the 18th century Spanish Colonial period, a truly critical part of American history, most programs around 45 minutes long.

Spanish Governor’s Palace

Located in San Antonio's Downtown District amidst Plaza De Armas, this residence was first built in 1749 for the Captain of Presidio San Antonio de Bexar (Bejar). Also known as the 'comandancia', this spot also served as the office for several different Military Garrison captains from 1722 through the 1800s. Your group will have a chance to tour both the inside and outside of this palace during your visit, witch several furnished rooms, period pieces, and outdoor gardens for your group to explore. There are 10 total rooms open for exploration, such as the 1930's era loft, kitchen, and children's bedroom, 1700s dining area, and 1749 living area.

San Fernando Cathedral

This absolutely stunning historic building faces the main plaza downtown and shows off an authentic Gothic Revival style that will impress and awe you, no doubt. The actual church was first founded in 1731 by 15 families sent by the king from the Canary Islands. Given this date of establishment, this structure is easily the oldest continuously functioning religious community in all of Texas, boasting a truly astounding 281 years of service. The center sees over 5,000 visitors for tours and weekend masses each week, making this spot a modern religious refuge on top of the incredible history. The church puts on regular symphonies, concerts, tv specials, baptisms, funerals, and weddings, always busy with one major event or another. During your visit, you may see one of these things happening, but if you don't you can choose to tour the church, light a candle, or even pray if you are of faith.