3 Day Washington D.C. Journalism Tour

Maybe you have an interest in journalism or maybe it is your passion, either way, this journalism tour of Washington D.C. will be one your won't forget. Explore our nation's monuments, historic museums and broadcast stations! Our 3 day journalism tour takes you on an educational and remarkable journey around Washington D.C.!

Washington journalism tour

Day 1 You'll See:

  • White House Area Walking Tour
  • National Public Radio Studio Tour
  • National Museum of American History
  • Monuments and Memorials Tour

Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

  • Ford's Theatre
  • National Geographic Museum
  • Holocaust Museum

White House Area Walking Tour- First stop, perhaps the most famous house in America! Take a walking guided tour of the area around the White House, taking in all the beautiful scenes like the Lafayette Square gardens and the White House itself!

National Public Radio (NPR) Studio Tour- Next we swing by the National Public Radio office and get to explore inside the building where all the shows are broadcast! Take a tour of the studio and discover for yourself where and how the magic is made! Perfect for a journalism tour.

National Museum of American History- Opened in 1964, the National Museum of American History has one of the greatest collections of American artifacts in the world! Some of their notable exhibits include the original Star-Spangled Banner and a collection of historic electronic communications which paved the way for modern day journalism!

Monuments and Memorials Tour- Finally, take a tour of our national monuments! Visit the Lincoln Memorial to see the giant Honest Abe seated in his glory, see the famous Washington Monument and many more!


Library of Congress- On day two, we start with the LARGEST library in the WORLD! This library has millions of books, audio recordings, newspapers, films, and more!

Capitol Hill Tour- Next we visit our nation’s capitol building. During this tour you will see things such as the Crypt, the Rotunda and the National Statuary Hall. An opportunity of a life time!

Supreme Court Visit- The highest court in the land is our next stop! Some of America’s biggest legal battles have been decided here and it has been the center of many stories in journalism!

Voice of America Tour- This studio tour is truly one of the best for someone in journalism. This radio, television and internet broadcasting station appeals to a large international audience. This broadcasting station uses more than 40 different languages to spread it’s news all over the world! It is the largest U.S. international broadcast operation.


Ford’s Theatre- Infamous for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the Ford’s Theater is now home to the Ford’s Theatre Museum. Tour the State Box and Stage where many live dramatic productions have been performed.

National Geographic Museum- From interactive exhibits to iconic photography to behind the scenes tales, this museum has so much to offer. Fun for all ages, you will be amazed at their very detailed exhibits which make you feel like you have been transported to another time and place!

Holocaust Museum- The last stop on our trip is the Holocaust Museum. Learn more about the Holocaust and how it impacted the lives of millions around the world. This is the one place no one can afford to miss.