5-Day NYC Fashion Week Vacation

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This is a really exciting time for New York City, especially those individuals here for fashion! 

From September 8th to September 15th this city will turn into a worldwide fashion mecca, hosting it's annual fall/spring collection fashion show! This is the perfect vacation opportunity for you to see all the top fashions, learn so much about the design and production process, and still see all those essential NYC Sights! You're welcome, fashionistas!


Breakfast at Sarabeth's - Welcome to Sarabeth’s, one of the best spots in central New York city to grab a delicious breakfast or brunch. This eatery has been praised by the New York Mag, New York Times, Timeout New York, and the Zagat Guide, the company starting humbly with a 200-year-old family recipe for Apricot Marmalade and booming from there! Namesake, owner, and driving force behind all the success, Sarabeth, and her husband now own a jam factory, wholesale-retail bakery cafe, and nine total restaurants across the city. You will have to try the contemporary American food yourself to understand, aided nicely by a warm atmosphere and always friendly service. Try the lemon and ricotta pancakes or short rib hash for breakfast, the Maine lobster roll is to die for as well! If you fall in love with the food don’t worry, all the recipes can be found online and in magazines, and her products are on grocery store shelves!

Walking Tour of Midtown - As you’ve probably noticed already, Midtown Manhattan is a seriously busy place to be. Some locals actually argue that this is the ‘busiest, most exclusive, and most crowded place’ to buy real estate in NYC! With so much to see and do it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide where to begin, which is why we’ve included this walking tour for your group. During this tour, you will see many important NYC landmarks, such as the Times Square Theater District, Bryant Park, NY Public Library, Grand Central Terminal, Rockefeller, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Music Hall, and Saks Fifth Avenue. See classic city skyline vistas and architecture and be immersed right in the middle of all the NYC fashion hustle and bustle, making you feel like a true local while enjoying the sights! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring your sense of adventure (and maybe your camera) for this two-hour trek!

Chelsea Market - Chelsea Market is one of the absolute best spots to grab some lunch in this area, the indoor marketplace being what many people consider as ‘one of the greatest indoor food halls of the world’. Inside the marketplace, you will find over 35 different vendors selling everything from ‘cheese and cheesecake to soup and nuts’. The history of the market is really amazing, having a past tracing back to Algonquian Indians trading on this land. It’s easy to see why this attraction is considered to be ‘one of the most trafficked and written-about destination in New York City.’ Grab a quick lunch inside, sit down and enjoy your surroundings for a full-coursed meal, or grab enough fresh foods to grab a picnic on the High Line or Central Park! We highly suggest visiting The Lobster Pound or Los Tacos Number One before you leave, they have lines like that for a very good reason!

High Line - You’ve never experienced New York’s High Line? Well, you are in for a treat because this is the absolute perfect time to take in all the essential NYC sights, seeing it all from the historic 1.45-mile long portion of what used to be the New York Central Railroad. This railroad was used from 1934 to around 1990, helping the economic boom of this region quite nicely during its time. The green public park you see today was established in 2014 after much community involvement and planning took place. At this popular linear park above Manhattan, you will be able to sit along an elevated section of this old West Side Line, or High Line Railroad, and enjoy the city from a different angle. Explore it’s efficient and gorgeous green rooftop, rail line history, and unbeatable river and city views 30 feet above street level while here, they also have random live events such as tai chi, meditation, city tours, and even stargazing!

FTL Moda Show - The FTL Moda show is what many non-New-Yorkers consider to be their favorite part of fashion week here in the city, this show being more inclusive than most in regards to both the models and the audience. Timeout New York has called this particular show ‘NYC’s most inspiring runway’, a design platform that has no rules when it comes to their show! You and your group will be able to preview designs from labels like Italy’s FuMo Bespoke and Pans’ Luke et Gigi while attending this show, with ‘public access’ seats always available in the back! Not only does this show try to include and involve the basic public who may not have gotten invited or have tickets more than most, but they also include unique models like Madeline Stuart, who has Down Syndrome, or Shaholly Ayers, who struts her stuff down the catwalk with a prosthetic arm!


Macy’s Herald Square - Start your NYC morning off at Macy’s, otherwise known as the Great American Department Store. Known around the nation as one of the most iconic retail brands, this department store on Herald Square is a fashion must stop while in the city. Inside you will find two million square feet, or 11 levels, of pure shopping bliss. The history of this building is amazing, being the first to have an escalator, a wooden one created in 1902, and the first to begin the iconic Santa Land, featured here in the Christmas film Miracle on 34th Street. There is even a strong history connecting to the Titanic, the co-owners (Straus) dying on its infamous voyage. Inside you will be able to shop a wide variety of shoes, clothing, house-ware, gifts, and furniture, each item from such iconic brands as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

Bloomingdale’s  - Welcome to one of the most famous American chains of luxury department stores, Bloomingdale’s! First established in 1861, this highly successful fashion retailer brand had enveloped an entire city block by the 1920s. While established by Joseph and Lyman Bloomingdale, famously, this brand is now owned by Macy’s Incorporated and rivals such brands as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus. This is really the perfect place to see all the latest top NYC fashion trends, and still get them for a non -NYC price! Hello, affordable top fashion!

ASC Fashion Week Show - (Tickets Necessary)  September 9th only (today) you and your group will be able to attend the popular ASC Fashion Week Show. Happening from 4 pm to 11 pm, this show is a platform for designers and exhibitors from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to promote their brand name. This is all about international brand exposure and features many talented designers from across the world. In the crowd, you will see many fashion buyers, media, and an expected guest list of 500 people. Behind the scenes, you will see makeup artists and hair stylists, international models, promotional managers and international talent scouts. This fall season, in particular, see Ketty Y Parrilla put on a show you won’t want to miss, just be sure to follow a dress code and do not wear any work boots, white tees, baggy clothing, flat shoes, or baseball caps!


Fashion Gallery NYFW - New York Fashion Week is all about the major fashion shows that happen daily and nightly, each of a different theme or designer purpose, and each in a different location (occasionally). Happening several times a day from September 8th to September 11th you and your group will have many opportunities to gain a seat or ticket, or perhaps just a glance, at this fashion show spectacular! The daily schedule alternates from a line up starting at noon, 4 pm and 8 pm to one the next day starting at 11 am 2 pm, 5 pm, and 8 pm. During these amazing shows, you will see such designer work as Naldo Montanez, Zhang, Jaxn Page, and Laverne Marte. This season be ready from Hood by Air, that’s all we’ll say!

Jack’s Wife Freda - If you made it to the first show there is no doubt you’ve worked up an appetite by now, so head over to the highly popular Jack’s Wife Freda for a delicious bistro lunch! Within this lively establishment, you will find colorful American-Mediterranean cooking,  deliciously classic cocktails, and truly understated and savvy digs. Highly known for it’s innovative, authentic, and absolutely delicious dishes, Jack’s is also well known for the owner’s personal story, a man from Johannesburg falling in love with a woman from Israel and bringing their cultures together with a passion for food, family, and friends! Some of the most popular items here include the green shakshuka, rosewater waffles, and crispy duck bacon. New York Mag called this the ‘perfect South African Israeli Jewish Grandmother Cuisine’, isn’t it about time to find out what exactly that means?

Garment District Urban Oasis Tour - The Garment district is one of the most popular fashion districts in New York City, considered to be the world’s highest concentration of fashion-related businesses, offices, showrooms, events, and talent! With Urban Oasis Tours you will be able to get a unique and interesting mix of shopping and education within the district, with insider looks at designers, private showroom shopping sessions that make NY fashion affordable (65-75% off), and maybe even a sneak peek at one of the latest top designers’ working process! Learn the complete process of fashion design from concept to production by visiting the local pattern making facilities, fabric stores, small factories, and high fashion sales establishments within the Garment District, and have a ton of fun while doing it! Hello high fashion urban NY looks for a rural low maintenance cost!


Times Square - There is truly nothing like New York City’s Times Square, the vibrant neon metropolis mid-Manhattan that is considered by many to be the ‘epicenter of New York City’. Explore the surrounding streets as you gaze up at the huge digital billboards, brilliant neon lights, and show-stopping storefronts that all scream ‘New York’. This explosion of sights, sounds, and attractions is a world-famous intersection and comes alive at night (you’ll be back later) in the Theater District, home to a popular cinema, Broadway shows, and even the iconic New Year’s Eve Ball Drop! If you choose to take a tour here you will see the iconic Paramount Building, as well as the Good Morning America show spot,  and so much more. It’s easy to see why this area has earned the nickname ‘Center of the Universe’!

Saks and Fifth - After such an inspiring show it’s time to use that newly gained fashion confidence to go shopping at one of the most famous names in NYC fashion, Saks, and Fifth. This Herald Square icon is considered by many to be the very ‘pillar of the New York Fashion Industry since 1924’, a massively popular store sitting just blocks away from Times Square and the Empire State Building. When Saks and Company united with Gimbel Brothers this became one of the most elegant retailers in the world, an iconic NY shopping experience that will provide your group with the highest quality of luxury shopping on Herald Square! Oh, and don’t feel intimidated if the price range isn’t within your reach, just enjoy the chance to explore all these designer men and women’s clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, and accessories (we like staring at the Louis Vuitton bags)!

Broadway Show - Tonight you’ll see the stars, literally, as you head to the theatre and choose between several popular NYC Broadway Shows currently playing. Choose between such titles as Phantom of the Opera, Les Mis, Jersey Boys, Chicago, Matilda, Fiddler on the Roof, and so much more. Be sure to get here early and have time to see the theater and find your seat before settling in for one heck of a show. No visit to NYC would be complete without seeing a show on Broadway, and with 40+ theatres to choose from, we assure you there will be something for everyone in your group. Stay after the show to see more of the theater, head to a cafe or gift shop, or just wait by the stage door for autographs from your favorite Broadway star!


FIT Museum - It only seems fitting to go see the FIT Museum on your final day, a truly essential NYC fashion stop! The Fashion Institute of Technology itself is an internationally acclaimed school of design, fashion, art, communications, and business, and this museum is just a great addition to the acclaim! Inside you will see all the award-winning and innovative special exhibitions on the evolution of fashion, the entire establishment showing off over 50,000 garments and accessories from the 18th century to the present. Explore all the different aesthetically and historically significant clothing, textiles, accessories, and visual materials in contemporary avant-garde fashion here. See works from such important designers as Balenciaga, Chanel, and Dior within these three floors of fashion, the entire museum considered to be the ‘Most Fashionable Museum in New York City!”

7th Avenue - 7th Avenue, or Fashion Avenue, is the span of pure shopping heaven located between 26th and 42nd Streets in Manhattan. Also known as ‘Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd’, this avenue sits right next to Central Park and holds such fabulous fashion stops as the Garment District, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Williams Sonoma, H&M, New York Look, and Harman! Not only will you get to see and explore all of these fashion-esque places, but the street also holds such popular attractions as Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall, and Penn Station. If you work up an appetite while sightseeing and shopping along 7th Avenue head over to Seven Bistro or the Jekyll and Hyde Club for a great NY essential lunch and views of the avenue!

Fashion Gallery NYFW -  New York Fashion Week is all about the major fashion shows that happen daily and nightly, each of a different theme or designer purpose, and each in a different location (occasionally). Happening several times a day from September 8th to September 11th you and your group will have many opportunities to gain a seat or ticket, or perhaps just a glance, at this fashion show spectacular! The daily schedule alternates from a line up starting at noon, 4 pm, and 8 pm to one the next day starting at 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, and 8 pm. During these amazing shows, you will see such designer work as Naldo Montanez, Zhang, Jaxn Page, and Laverne Marte. This season be ready from Hood by Air, that’s all we’ll say!

Empire State Building - You simply cannot leave the city without visiting one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, and certainly the most iconic in New York City, the Empire State Building. Standing at a staggering 102 stories, plus a rooftop observation deck, this engineering masterpiece was the world’s tallest building for 40 total grand years. Currently standing as the tallest in NYC, the Empire State Building offers the perfect landmark opportunity to stand on top of the world and look down at the gigantic kingdom known as the Big Apple. An American cultural icon of Art Deco architecture and Hollywood Fame, this spot has also been seen in plenty of big screen adventures. Enjoy unbeatable 1,250 ft views from the observation deck rooftop and delicious food at the STATE Grill and Bar, and don’t worry about the time, this one is open from 8 am to 2 am!