Atlanta History Center

1Founded in 1926, the Atlanta Historical Society grew in collection and civic-minded appreciation for the city's expansive history until 1990 when the Atlanta History Center was established on 33 acres of beautiful Georgian ground in historic Buckhead. Connecting individuals to the history of central Georgia, Atlanta's community and past, as well as the diverse cultures of the area, the Atlanta History Center is continuously collecting and welcoming you through their doors.

The Atlanta History Center campus uniquely congregates several historic buildings into one convenient location. Among the many buildings you will find historic houses such as the Swan House where groups of all ages can experience what life was like in the 1930s, and the Margaret Mitchell House (located five miles away from the campus) among others. Stop by and see the home where famed author of Gone With the Wind penned her novel and many of her personal possessions.

Several museums such as the Centennial Olympic Games Museum work to create a well rounded look at Atlanta's history since its establishment. At the Centennial Olympic Games Museum you can learn about the 1996 games held at Centennial Park, see a stunning collection of multi-media effects, artifacts, photos and much more.

In between touring historic homes and museums, take a stroll through the beautiful Goizueta Gardens, 22 acres of spectacular color. The Mary Howard Gilbert Memorial Quarry Garden is a wonderfully relaxing site with a trickling waterfall, perfect for a break from the city noise. Families with children will enjoy the Connor Brown Discovery Trail as well featuring seven interactive discovery stations where children can learn about history and the environment.