College Football Hall of Fame

Founded by the National Football Foundation, the College Football Hall of Fame was created to educate, entertain, and strengthen the public’s passion for this very American sport. Dedicated to empowering amateur football, the NFF and Atlanta’s own Hall of Fame applaud instances of excellence, great performances, and the talented individuals that make up the college football teams across the United States.

Capturing the greatness of those who broke records, scaled indomitable heights, and surpassed expectations, the College Football Hall of Fame includes exhibits, displays, and video presentations. See how greatness is rewarded in the ten “augmented reality displays” where visitors can select which players, teams, and schools to explore on screen. Also walk through the hall containing etched glass representations of each Hall of Famer and learn about their stats, biographies, and more.

The College Football Hall of Fame is an authentic display of amateur American football down to the very last detail. Aside from the Hall of Fame, visitors can also experience a recreated indoor Playing Field where you can try out your own skills, the Game Day Theater, The Quad which displays over 700 helmets representing their colleges, and much more. Perhaps you’ll even find your own picture among the thousands of college football fans who are memorialized in the Coca-Cola Fans’ Game Day gallery, a hall dedicated to the people who made college football so popular and successful.

The College Football Hall of Fame is open Sunday through Friday from 10 am-5 pm and from 9 am-6 pm on Saturdays.