Coopedote Coffee Cooperative

Coopedote Coffee Cooperative (San Jose Province)

Coffee Cherries

Located in Santa Maria de Dota, just 30 minutes south of Cartago, you will find one of the most impressive coffee mills in the world, Coopedote Coffee Cooperative. Coopedote has officially won recognition as the world’s first carbon neutral coffee producer, this co-op utilizing low energy production to offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only are the practices of production here highly impressive, but so is the overall experience, the mill allowing guests to sample their world-renown coffee and tour the processing and roasting plants. The onsite tour will allow you to really get to know the process of coffee making in the most simplistic, green way possible, showing you their low energy production by way of organic waste. Learn about the 800 local farmers within the co-op, and during the harvesting season (November - March) you can even take part in picking red coffee cherries with the harvesters.

Of course, the main selling point here is the coffee itself, an award-winning brew helped out immensely by the local mineral-rich soil and spring-like climate year round. The Dota Tarrazu offset is most certainly the most popular, and arguably the most flavorful in the country.